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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Big news out of South Carolina: A new poll out today by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal shows that Sen. Ted Cruz has climbed within 5 points of Donald Trump and the race now stands at Trump 28% to Cruz 23%. That's a big change since their last poll which showed Trump had a 16 point lead over Ted Cruz.

Our powerful TV ad in South Carolina is contributing to the tightening of the race. Please, forward this ad to anyone you know in South Carolina and ask them to watch it.

There are only hours left until voters go to the polls in South Carolina and it's really important that every voter realize that Donald Trump dumped the marriage issue as soon as the Supreme Court issued their illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling on marriage. When he quit on marriage, he quit on us, the 78% of South Carolina voters who voted to define marriage as one man and one woman, and on over 50 million voters across the country who did the same thing.

Support for true marriage is a winning issue. Please help us spread the word. Thank you!


Brian S Brown

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