✉ Powerful New NOM TV Commercial; Help Us "Dump Trump"


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I've got some breaking news that could blow up the presidential contest: We have just launched a powerful new television commercial in South Carolina taking on Donald Trump for abandoning the fight for marriage even though 78% of South Carolina voters (and 50 million voters in other states) cast ballots deciding that marriage should be only one man and one woman.

You can watch the ad here:

It's critical that the people of South Carolina see this ad and come to realize how they and the cause of marriage were betrayed by Donald Trump. We must raise at least $25,000 in the next three days to ensure that the ad is seen throughout the state of South Carolina. I am asking you to make an emergency contribution to the NOM Victory Fund in the amount of $25, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 or more. There is no limit in what you can give to this committee because it operates independently of any candidate for federal office. Please act today with your most generous gift.

This powerful new commercial could really make a difference in who wins in South Carolina. Most experts believe that the South Carolina race will come down to Donald Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz. When it comes to marriage, the two couldn't be further apart. Donald Trump dumped the fight for marriage as soon as the US Supreme Court issued its illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling, while Ted Cruz responded by sponsoring a constitutional amendment to restore the right of states to preserve true marriage.

As the ad makes clear, when Donald Trump quit on the fight for marriage, he quit on South Carolina and over 50 million voters across the nation who cast ballots defining marriage as one man and one woman. The ad urges South Carolinians to "Dump Trump."

Keep in mind that the marriage amendment passed in South Carolina with 78% of the overall vote. However, it likely got upwards of 90% of the vote among Republicans who will be voting for president on February 20th. Clearly, the ad could cause some serious damage to the Trump campaign and thus help propel forward other pro-marriage candidates like Sen. Ted Cruz.

The ad was produced by NOM's national political consultant, Frank Schubert, who is one of the nation's most accomplished political consultants. He masterminded the passage of Proposition 8 in California and helped secured victories for marriage around the nation, including passing a marriage amendment in neighboring North Carolina.

It's absolutely critical that we raise the funds we need to put this ad on the air in every market in South Carolina. Please, act today with an emergency gift to the NOM Victory Fund in the amount of $500, $250, $100, $50 or whatever amount you can afford.

If Donald Trump emerges as the winner in South Carolina, he's going to be very hard to stop from securing the Republican nomination. That will be a disaster for people of faith who are praying for a president who will restore traditional American values.

Mr. Trump lacks the moral compass to lead our nation. He sees nothing wrong with operating strip clubs and he became the first casino owner to house a strip club. He openly admits to serial adultery and having sex with married women. He has said that there is nothing in his life about which he feels the need to repent to the Lord. And he says he'll consider appointing his sister to the US Supreme Court — the same woman who as a federal judge ruled in favor of partial birth abortion.

You can see, the stakes could not be higher. We have the chance to set the stage for the derailment of the Trump campaign while also significantly advancing the cause of marriage by having it play a decisive role in the presidential election.

Your response to this request could be the most important contribution you'll ever make to the cause of marriage. Please, act immediately to give an emergency contribution to help us secure the air time we need to make sure that every South Carolina voters sees this powerful advertisement. If you can give $1,000 or more, I ask you to do so immediately. But if you can only afford to give $10, we welcome it and ask that you please make your contribution right now so we can put it to immediate use.

I will pray for your positive response to our commercial, and for your financial support to spread it far and wide.


Brian S Brown

PS — One of our top priorities is to elect a pro-marriage champion as president. Donald Trump will not champion the cause of marriage; he has already abandoned it. Please make a generous contribution to ensure that South Carolina voters know the truth about his position on marriage.

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