Chuck Todd Embodies Rank Media Bias


Dear Marriage Supporter,

What happened this morning on the NBC Today Show makes it crystal clear who the media wants to pick as the Republican nominee — Marco Rubio.

This morning, NBC's top political correspondent, Chuck Todd, criticized Sen. Rubio's debate performance and went so far as to say that had Rubio done better in the debate he would have wrapped up the Republican nomination!

What incredible bias!!

Look, Marco Rubio is a good man and he's a strong supporter of marriage and life, but if he's going to be the Republican nominee he has to earn it, not have it handed to him by an expectant media. The facts thus far are that Sen. Rubio finished third in Iowa behind Ted Cruz and trails in New Hampshire and in national polls as well.

Despite this, Chuck Todd was shameless in setting Rubio up as the media's anointed Republican candidate. Todd told the national audience that Rubio had an opportunity to "take control of the race" at the debate. Then Todd brazenly unmasked the media's bias, saying:

"[Rubio] ended up blowing an opportunity that I think could have meant securing the nomination believe it or not."

What an outrageous and, frankly, idiotic comment. Keep in mind, this guy is not some cartoonish talking head, he's the moderator of NBC's Meet The Press show, the network's top political reporter, and also has just moderated a debate among the Democratic candidates for president!

Note how Todd attempts to ignore Sen. Ted Cruz who actually won the Iowa caucuses and is polling second in both New Hampshire and nationally. (For that matter, he also apparently dismisses Donald Trump who came in second in Iowa and leads the polls in New Hampshire and nationally.) Only one state has voted and the race has not even begun in key regions of the country, yet the media is ready to declare their anointed candidate to be close to wrapping up the nomination!

Please help us continue to fight against a biased media by renewing your membership in NOM. Your membership contribution of at least $35 will help us counter the media's bias which constantly downplays the extraordinary support the American people hold for marriage and dismisses conservatives like Sen. Ted Cruz who are committed to restoring marriage in our nation's laws.

To be sure, there's nothing to suggest that Sen. Rubio is angling to be "the anointed one" in this race. Still, whether Sen. Rubio wants the designation or not, the amazing thing is that Todd no doubt thinks he can get away with declaring Rubio to be on the threshold of securing the Republican nomination because the media has picked the last several Republican nominees, continually dismissing proven conservatives. This is at the heart of the grassroots revolt occurring now in the Republican party. They want candidates who are not beholden to the media or the establishment elite to stand for true conservative principles and demonstrate the willingness to back them up with action.

This is why NOM endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz. He is not only right on the issues, he's signed our pledge committing himself to take specific actions in support of marriage and religious liberty — and Cruz has already led by sponsoring a proposed constitutional amendment to restore the right of states to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

We're not going to let liberal media elites like Chuck Todd declare who will be the Republican nominee for president. We trust that voters won't, either.

Help us hold the media accountable by calling out their bias. Renewing your membership in NOM for a minimum contribution of $35 will give us the resources we need to take the media on when they deserve it, and to fight for marriage in Congress, in state legislatures and on the campaign trail.

It is imperative that we elect a proven marriage champion who will not only say the right things, but who will act on his principles as president. We're not going to rely on Chuck Todd or anyone else in the media to pick that person. We will trust voters across the country — the same 51 million people in 31 states who have already voted to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Please renew your membership for at least $35 today. If you can contribute more, we will put those funds immediately into the fight.


Brian S Brown

PS — NOM depends on the financial support of grassroots activists across the country. We don't have billionaires sending us money. That's why it's really important that our members like you renew their support with a minimum contribution of $35. If you haven't yet done so, please act today. Thank you!

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