A clear choice for Iowa


Dear Marriage Supporter,

The nation is watching Iowa. The results of the upcoming caucus on February 1st will be a defining moment in the presidential race. Iowa has a chance to send forth a trusted conservative, someone who is a champion for marriage, life, religious liberty, as well as someone who is committed to making America strong again, economically and militarily.

By all accounts, the race in Iowa is narrowing to two leading contenders, Sen. Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump. This presents Iowans with a clear choice:

Sen. Ted Cruz is a proven champion for marriage, an opponent of the US Supreme Court's illegitimate ruling redefining marriage and a principled fighter determined to do something about it. Donald Trump says that now that the Supreme Court imposed its views, "we have to accept it."

Sen. Cruz has spent his entire public life fighting the evil that is abortion, has called for an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and has demanded that individuals who engaged in the illegal selling of body parts harvested from babies be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Until recently, Donald Trump was proudly pro-choice, has mentioned his pro-abortion sister as someone he'd consider appointing to the US Supreme Court, and even today after the scandal of the barbaric harvesting and sale of fetal body parts still hedges when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood.

NOM has endorsed Sen. Cruz for President of the United States for one simple reason: he is a trusted, proven conservative who will be a champion for the issues we care about. Sen. Cruz signed NOM's marriage pledge committing himself to taking specific actions as president to help restore marriage to our nation's laws, and to protect the rights of Americans to live out their views of marriage in their daily lives and at work.

Donald Trump has made no commitments to fight for marriage, or the rights of supporters of marriage to not be discriminated against and punished for refusing to go along with the lie that is same-sex 'marriage.'

Look, I fully realize that Donald Trump presents many attractive qualities that appeal to voters sick and tired of being betrayed by the political class. He throws political correctness to the wind, a refreshing characteristic, and he is independent of any moneyed influence — another attractive factor.

But the issue really comes down to this: who can you trust? The answer to that is clear: Iowans can trust Ted Cruz to do what he says he will do.

When the Iowa Supreme Court illegitimately imposed same-sex 'marriage' on the state, you and I didn't just accept their anti-constitutional ruling. We moved forward to remove three sitting judges from the Supreme Court, including then Chief Justice Marcia Ternus.

Working together with our allies, we won a great victory and sent a clear message across the nation that voters would not sit idly by and watch activist judges impose their own views of marriage on citizens. We fought for our principles, and we won.

Contrast the principled actions of Iowa voters in removing activist judges with the reaction of Donald Trump when the US Supreme Court imposed gay 'marriage' on the nation. Trump didn't fight back, he quit the fight entirely.

Mr. Trump told MSNBC:

"You have to go with it. The decision's been made, and that is the law of the land."

Some champion.

If Donald Trump's views about judicial activism from the US Supreme Court were accepted by President Lincoln, slavery would be "the law of the land" in America today. We would have had "to go with it." But instead of accepting the Dred Scott decision as binding precedent on the nation, President Lincoln worked to limit its application and led a principled fight against the great evil of slavery. And he won.

Sen. Ted Cruz is the Abraham Lincoln of this race. A constitutional scholar, Sen. Cruz is committed to leading the fight to restore marriage to our nation's laws and to protecting the rights of Americans to continue to act in support of traditional marriage at home, at work and in the full exercise of their daily lives.

Cruz is the author of a proposed constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right of states to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. And he is a sponsor of federal legislation to prohibit the government from taking any adverse action against supporters of traditional marriage.

In order to win a fight against an evil, you have to wage the battle. Like the voters of Iowa did, Sen. Cruz will fight for marriage and for the values we cherish. Donald Trump has already quit.

This election is the most important in the history of our nation. We absolutely must elect someone who is a proven champion for the issues and values we hold dear. We cannot take a risk on someone we cannot trust, someone who will not fight for our issues.

The next president could appoint numerous Supreme Court justices and marriage could well be back before our highest court. In Ted Cruz, we will have a president who absolutely will make sure that Supreme Court justices follow the constitution and not invent "rights" to things like same-sex 'marriage.'

You know, past Republican presidents have given us some terrible appointments to the Supreme Court, including the disastrous Anthony Kennedy who has redefined marriage and helped impose unfettered abortion on the nation. We cannot afford any more of those types of justices.

Whatever you may think about Ted Cruz, you know you can trust him to stand by his principles. We can absolutely trust him to give us solid Supreme Court justices who will uphold our values.

And whatever you may think about Donald Trump, you must surely know that you absolutely cannot trust that he will give us Supreme Court justices who will uphold our values. He's already abandoned our values on marriage and life, and he's already signaled that judges like his pro-abortion sister should be appointed to the US Supreme Court where they can continue to impose their own views rather than follow the US constitution.

It was my great honor to work with the people of Iowa in 2010 when we removed those three Supreme Court justices from office. Now I am asking you to take another principled stand.

Please, it is imperative that you support Sen. Ted Cruz for president of the United States. This will likely be the most important vote you will ever cast. I ask you to do everything in your power to attend the caucus, and to vote for Sen. Ted Cruz. Please talk with all your friends, colleagues and neighbors and ask them to do the same. You can feel free to forward my note to anyone you think should see it.

The eyes of the nation are watching, and the future of the nation is in your hands.

Thank you for standing strong for marriage, and the values that we care about.


Brian S Brown

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