Didn't Make It


Dear Marriage Supporter,

All the receipts have been tallied on the matching gift challenge from late last year and, unfortunately, we did not reach our $200,000 fundraising goal. We came very close, raising $182,150, but did not quite get to where we wanted to be.

I am very proud of all those people who gave of their time and resources to support NOM throughout the holiday season. Because of this support we received a matching contribution from a generous donor of $182,150. These resources allow us to hit the ground running and continue the fight for marriage into 2016.

I have to admit that missing the challenge by $17,850 is tough, because we have lost out on that money and an equal amount from the match. So much good could have come from the more than $35,000 that we will not receive.

That said, pursuing a $200,000 fundraising challenge at the end of the year during the busy holiday season is a daunting challenge, one of the biggest that NOM has ever undertaken. It's a testament to the strength of support we enjoy that so many people contributed so much during this busy period. Raising over $182,000 during the holidays is an awesome accomplishment, and I am very grateful to all our supporters.

Thank you for your support, and for your encouragement. If you'd like to make a gift to help us start 2016 strong, we would appreciate that support.


Brian S Brown

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