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Dear Marriage Supporter,

I was in Texas yesterday participating in an important meeting with allies to discuss ways to advance pro-family policies. It was so energizing to be with other leaders of the conservative movement. We have so many opportunities to elect leaders, including the next president, who can advance marriage and other pro-family policies. I left the meeting on a real high as I considered the programs we want to launch in 2016 to fight for marriage and people of faith who sustain marriage.

Then, I have to admit that my heart sank when I looked at yesterday's fundraising report. We still have $92,160 in unclaimed matching funds that we will lose if more of our supporters do not step up with a critically-needed end-of-year gift.

It's a great blessing to have some of our best donors came together to offer to match all contributions to NOM through the end of the year, up to a total of $200,000. If you are one of the hundreds of individuals who have responded and helped contribute $107,840, thank you! Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

But NOM has thousands of supporters, not hundreds, which means that a lot of people have not yet done their fair share.

Help us reach our goal before time runs out!

Perhaps you have intended to give a year-end gift to help us take advantage of the match, but haven't gotten around to it yet what with the hectic holiday season. If so, please act today by making a contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100, $250 or even $500 or more. Your gift will immediately double.

I'd also like you to forward this email to one friend or family member who you think might support our work. If each of our supporters did that, it could make a tremendous difference.

A number of people, perhaps like you, gave earlier in the year — and for that we are very grateful. But I'm asking everyone to make a special year-end gift to help us take advantage of the generous matching program that is available only for a few more days. Please give one final gift of the year of whatever amount you can afford — $25, $50, $75, $100 or $250 or more — knowing that it will double in size.

I hope that you have not given up fighting for the truth of marriage, tired of seeing the powerful and the elite win, often through corruption. I admit it can be frustrating at times, but we are called to be ever more faithful during times like these.

And let me be clear — we are not engaged in some quixotic flight of fancy hoping to restore a bygone era. We have real opportunities to significantly advance the cause of marriage and to protect the rights of people like you and me to live out our beliefs about marriage at work and in our everyday lives without worrying that we will be punished by the government for doing so.

Give your support today!

And here's something else that you should realize — if we do not fight with everything we have, the moral climate of our nation will only deteriorate further. Many of the same people who advocated redefining marriage are now agitating for "gender identity" laws so that men can utilize intimate facilities reserved for women. They are telling children that gender is an artificial social construct that anyone can change to suit their feelings. They argue that while taxpayers should pay for gender change procedures, it should be illegal to counsel a person who wants to leave the homosexual lifestyle. They claim that plural marriage including polygamy is a good thing and should also be a "constitutional right." And yet, they assert children have no rights to a mother and a father.

NOM is on the front lines of these issues. We only have about 60 hours left in 2015, precious few hours to raise the funds we need to take full advantage of the match that is available to us to fight the good fight.

Please act right now to make your best year-end gift so that we can enter 2016 in a strong position to fight for the truth of marriage, the reality of gender, the rights of children and the religious liberty of millions of Americans like you and me who believe that what God authored about marriage is good and true, something worth defending.

There's only 60 hours left to act. Please make you gift right now by clicking here.


Brian S Brown

PS — The clock is ticking. The next 60 hours is time we will never get back. If NOM's supporters do not come through with their year-end gifts, we could end up losing tens of thousands of dollars. Please act today with a gift of whatever you can afford, knowing that it will be matched dollar for dollar. Thank you.

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