Obama is at Work Behind Closed Doors


Dear Marriage Supporter,

What a president does in public isn't the only place where his influence is felt; sometimes what he does out of public view can be just as important, or even more so.

We all saw President Obama's open promotion of the LGBT agenda with his "evolution" on marriage (of course, he didn't actually evolve, he merely lied to us when he first ran in 2008), his abandonment of the Defense of Marriage Act, his urging the US Supreme Court to impose same-sex marriage on the nation, and the disturbing spectacle of his bathing the White House in rainbow colors when the Supreme Court did as he asked.

Obama's public actions to destroy marriage and disrespect people of faith and supporters of marriage are major motivating factors for why we are working so hard to elect a proven marriage champion as president.

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President Obama is doing more than publicly advocating the LBGT agenda, he's working behind the scenes to advance their dangerous agenda, which defies common sense and American values.

One of the basic truths of life, a truth designed by the Creator Himself, is that humanity is composed of men and women, two different genders that complement each other. But the LGBT agenda depends on citizens ignoring this obvious truth and reconstructing our perceptions of humanity. Men and women are said to be the same, so it doesn't matter if you marry a man or a woman. It thus follows in this flawed perception that children are not entitled to a mother and a father — any two will do. And it only follows from there that biology should not be seen as a defining characteristic of humanity — whatever sex people "feel" or "identify" with determines their gender.

Thus, it then follows that a teenaged boy who identifies as a girl must be treated as a girl, allowed to shower with girls, change with them and use their restrooms. The biological reality of his male body parts must be ignored, and any protests by actual girls in these intimate facilities must be rejected as the product of prejudice and animus.

Of course, there is no justification for this nonsense as a basis for public policy. Fortunately, despite all its cultural and political advantages — massive funding, a fawning media, an entertainment conglomerate that continually shoves LGBT characters and shows in our face, and the support of the political elite, Wall Street billionaires and corporate titans — the LGBT movement has utterly failed to convince Americans of rightness of its position, as the recent vote in Houston overwhelmingly rejecting the "bathroom ordinance" demonstrates.

Enter President Obama who is working tirelessly behind the scenes to advance the LGBT agenda despite lacking public support to do so. Here are several recent examples:

The Obama Administration is taking the position that existing federal anti-discrimination law, specifically Title XII and Title IX, defines "sex" to include "gender identity." Despite the fact that there is nothing in either Title XII or Title IX, or in any congressional debate about them, that concerns gender identity, President Obama is by decree redefining "sex" to include "gender identity."

The federal Department of Education is increasingly inserting itself into disputes with local school districts who wish to protect the privacy and safety of their students. As an example, the DOE recently won a "settlement" with the largest high school district in Illinois on behalf of "Student A," a male who "identifies" as a female. Under the legal agreement reached with the Obama administration, the male student will be given access to intimate locker room facilities reserved for girls, the school must arrange similar access for the student at any other school where the district sponsors activities, any reference to the student being born a male must be segregated from school records, and if the student requests, the district must appoint a "support team" to ensure the student does not experience "gender-based discrimination."

In the field of health care, pending Obamacare regulations also decree that sex discrimination includes "gender identity" discrimination, but they go further to seek to force insurance coverage for "gender transition" services. So our health insurance rates will likely be raised to pay for this mandate, just as the Obama administration is already using our tax dollars to pay for sex change services for Bradley Manning, the convicted traitor who says he's transgender and now goes by the name "Chelsea."

I shudder to think how far President Obama will go in his quest to appease the demands of extremist LGBT groups like the Human Rights Campaign. The next president will not be sworn into office until January 20, 2017, so Obama has thirteen more months to assault our values.

But there's one thing that gives me comfort: This damage can largely be undone by the next president, provided he is a principled, pro-marriage champion.

And ensuring that is up to you and me.

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We know that the American people support marriage. They support common-sense concepts like the idea that God made us male and female to become husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. They know that biology is what determines gender, not amorphous concepts like "identity."

And we know that when given the chance, the American people will vote for policies that uphold our values. Just look at the 31 states that acted to define marriage in their laws, and the decision of nearly two-thirds of Houston voters to prevent men from using intimate facilities reserved for women based on some claim of "gender identity."

It's up to you and me to make these issues prominent in the election of our next president. We must educate the public, activate our supporters and aggressively advocate for candidates who will stand for the truth of these policies.

NOM can't do it alone. We depend on you to support our work. That's why I am asking you to make an emergency donation today of $15, $25, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 or more so that we have the resources to fight for the truth of marriage as God designed it.

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Your financial contribution at this critical time will make a difference, helping us be in the position to elect a pro-marriage champion as president who will undo the damage that President Obama is doing to the fabric of America. Please, act today with your most generous donation.


Brian S Brown

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