Out of Time


Dear Marriage Supporter,

As the end of year approaches, I have to sound the alarm. NOM exists only because of your generous support and we raise most of our funds in our year-end membership drive.

This year I was ecstatic because a group of donors generously committed to match $200,000 if we could raise it by the end of year.

It's tough to say it, but we're almost out of time, and we're only around halfway to our goal. We're not going to make it unless you step to the plate.

Will you pitch in to allow us to continue fighting for you?

Donate today to help us continue the fight!

It's only 25 bucks to become a NOM member and if you and all your friends simply chipped in for the cost of a family meal, we would raise the money in no time.

I know some of our supporters stretch because they know how important our work is. If you can give more, please help us.

I'm in for $25

I'm in for $50

I'm in for $100

I'm in for 500

I'm in for $1000

God bless you!

Brian S Brown

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