NOM Endorsement Helps Propel Cruz To Lead


Dear Marriage Supporter,

NOM's endorsement of Sen. Ted Cruz in the race for president has helped result in social conservatives coalescing around his candidacy and he has leaped to the front of the pack in several surveys.

In the critical state of Iowa, a new Iowa Poll shows that Cruz leads the field with 31% of the vote and now holds a ten point advantage over Donald Trump. This represents a more than twenty point surge in support for Sen. Cruz since the prior Iowa Poll survey, and comes after NOM issued our endorsement of him, and after Cruz was also endorsed by other prominent social conservatives, including Bob Vander Plaats who heads The Family Leader organization. NOM cosponsored a number of events in Iowa over the past year with The Family Leader and we have worked closely with Mr. Vander Plaats over the years. Steve Deace, a prominent conservative radio host based in Iowa, has credited NOM's endorsement and several others for helping coalesce the conservative movement behind Cruz.

With his rapid rise in the polls, Sen. Cruz will be in the crosshairs tonight during the GOP debate being televised on CNN. It's the last debate before the Iowa caucuses on February 1st.

Now that we've contributed to Sen. Cruz' rise in the polls, it's imperative that we follow that up with an aggressive campaign to help him advance as the conservative choice for president. Please make a financial contribution to the NOM Victory Fund so that we have the resources to educate voters about this unique opportunity to elect a true champion for marriage, life and religious liberty.

In addition to helping elect Sen. Cruz as president, the NOM Victory Fund will be looking to support other pro-marriage champions in races for US Senate, the House of Representatives and in state houses. In the 2014 election, we ran television advertisements that helped both Tom Cotton (R-AR) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) win their hotly-contested races for US Senate.

The future of marriage is on the line in the 2016 elections. Please help the NOM Victory Fund play a critical role in supporting pro-marriage champions like Sen. Ted Cruz so that we can reverse the illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling of the US Supreme Court in redefining marriage. I ask for your most generous gift today.


Brian S Brown

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