NOM to Query Presidential Candidates Today


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I'm writing with big news. This evening I will be in Des Moines, Iowa for the last major pro-family forum of presidential candidates before the Iowa Caucuses. NOM is a co-sponsor of the Presidential Family Forum, and I will have the opportunity to ask the candidates to expound on their position in support of marriage and religious liberty, and to help Americans better understand how these candidates would govern when it comes to these issues.

NOM has co-sponsored two previous presidential forums in Iowa this year. This is an example of the leadership we exert, both publicly and behind the scenes, to restore marriage to its rightful place in the law and to protect supporters of marriage from harassment and discrimination. You see, electing a pro-marriage champion as president is the fastest way to reverse the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage, and to ensuring that the government does not discriminate against supporters of traditional marriage.

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Our work on your behalf and on behalf of all Americans who believe in marriage is dependent upon your financial support. We don't have billionaires contributing to our cause; we depend on grassroots support from you and others. Please consider making a contribution of $15, $25, $50, $100 or even $250 or more so that we can continue to exert critical leadership to restore marriage and protect the rights of all people who support God's design for marriage — the union of one man and one woman.

The forum tonight is the granddaddy of all the events we helped sponsor in Iowa. Not only will candidates have to answer direct questions about pro-family issues, but we will have the opportunity to better understand their worldview when it comes to our issues, and to lay bare how that viewpoint would influence their approach to governing. Here's how the website for the event describes tonight's forum: "It's the last call. It's the big one. And best of all, it's the one where politics take a backseat, worldviews get stripped bare, and hearts are revealed for all to see. It's the one where you get to see what really makes the candidates tick."

I am excited to be able to ask the candidates about marriage, and their responses will be very influential in any future actions NOM might take in the run-up to the presidential vote.

Will you please chip in a donation of $15 or more right now? Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor. It's really important that we hear from you today.

I'll chip in $15 realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

I'll chip in $25 realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

I'll chip in $50 realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

I'll chip in $100 realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

I'll chip in $250 or more realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

NOM recognized early on that the election of the next president would be a pivotal moment in determining if reversing the Supreme Court's ruling takes several years or several decades. There's no doubt that eventually the lie of same-sex marriage will make itself clear to people as they witness the reality of children suffering under a viewpoint that strips marriage of gender-complementarity and denies children the love of one of their natural parents. But we have the opportunity in 2016 to take a major step to avoid a 40-year battle as we've had to wage on life in the wake of Roe v Wade, and take a decisive step toward remaking the US Supreme Court when several justices who voted to redefine marriage retire during the next presidential term, which they are expected to do. It could take as few as just one new Supreme Court justice to reverse the marriage decision!

This is why we have devoted considerable time and resources to examining the candidates and to really understanding their views. It's imperative that the next president appoint judges who will reverse the Obergefell ruling that redefined marriage, and who will take actions as president to protect the right of individuals and states to act in support of marriage. So we've issued our Presidential Pledge that has been signed by several leading candidates, and also encouraged grassroots Americans to sign The People's Marriage Pledge. We've worked behind the scenes to learn as much as possible about each candidate's true character when it comes to fighting for marriage, and we've helped support major public forums so that Americans can see for themselves how the candidates engage the marriage issue.

Our ability to influence the presidential election is entirely dependent on whether you give us the resources to do so. We don't have big labor unions or corporate billionaires, but if we can convince thousands of grassroots Americans to stand with us, then we can make a tremendous difference. Please be one of those with the determination to stand, and make your most generous donation to NOM. Your gift of $15, $25, $50, $75 or $100 or more will be put to immediate use, and will be matched by a generous donor.

For a long while we've seen politicians get away with paying lip service to the issues we care deeply about. Many claim to be "pro life" and "pro marriage" but few actually do anything about it. We can't settle for lip service any longer! We need a president who is truly committed to leading and taking concrete action to restore marriage:

  • A president who will advocate for a federal marriage amendment;
  • A president who is committed to overturning the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling of the Supreme Court redefining marriage;
  • A president who will sign the First Amendment Defense Act into law;
  • A president who will reverse improper actions by the Obama Administration advancing a redefinition of marriage;
  • A president who will champion the truth of marriage as a profoundly important institution for men and women, and especially any children born of their union.

As I get ready to engage the candidates tonight in Des Moines, please let me know that you are standing with me. Please make a generous contribution today to support NOM.


Brian S Brown

PS — Every dollar you are able to contribute to us will be doubled thanks to a generous donor. Your $25 contribution becomes $50, and your gift of $100 will result in NOM receiving $200. As we get ready to make a major push to elect a pro-marriage champion as president, please give generously.

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