Stop University Inquisition Against Pro-Marriage, Pro-Children’s Rights Professor


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Robert Oscar Lopez is a tenured professor at California State University, Northridge, raised by lesbian parents, who has become an outspoken supporter of marriage and the inherent rights of children to know and be loved by their own mother and father. His is the rare voice in academia willing to speak up for marriage and the rights of children. This has made him a ferocious target of gay and lesbian activists bent on silencing him.

Unless we act today to stop these activists, Professor Lopez could face drastic punishment simply for facilitating a discussion about the rights of children in marriage and family relationships.

The taxpayer-funded university where Professor Lopez teaches launched an inquisition against him, claiming he retaliated against students who complained of alleged "anti-gay" and "anti-women" discrimination after voluntarily attending a conference he helped organized at the Reagan Library. The conference was called, "Bonds that Matter" and featured speakers discussing family issues and the rights of children. When confronted with the results of a nearly nine month secret investigation, Lopez was told by Susan Hua of the university's "equity and diversity" office that attending a conference at the Reagan Presidential Library was akin to appearing at a Ku Klux Klan meeting.

How outrageous! Attending an event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is akin to attending a KKK rally?!!! That should give you an idea of the bias of the office that conducted the "investigation."

Please take action to stop the university from punishing a distinguished professor simply because he fosters discussion about the rights of children to know their mother and father.

Take Action Today!

The students who filed the complaint against Professor Lopez made accusations about alleged statements at the conference such as "gay people cannot be parents" and "women who use sperm banks are evil." One student complained that he was so traumatized by the comments from conference presenters due to their impact on his coming to terms with his sexuality that he could no longer attend the class and received an "F." But Professor Lopez was able to categorically refute the allegations made by the students by producing a transcript that showed that none of the claimed statements had been made by any of the conference presenters. In fact, there was no mention of gay marriage or homosexuality at all except in a Q&A period when the issues were repeatedly raised by the very students who filed the complaint! And as for the traumatized student who ended up with an "F" grade? Prior to the conference, he had missed 50% of classes and completed none of the required assignments. And rather than coming to terms with his sexuality, it was shown that for years this student was a prominent, public activist with the university's LGBTQ group.

You'd think that with such flimsy "facts" to base an investigation on that the university would drop the case and apologize when Professor Lopez produced the evidence exonerating himself. But that's not what they did. Instead, the university dismissed the original allegations but brought new charges that he somehow "retaliated" against complaining students. One of the students apparently felt that he did not nominate a paper for an award, even though he gave the student an "A" in his class.

With this new charge now on the books, the university cited "witness testimony" that Professor Lopez was never told about and never allowed to respond to, and found him "guilty." Now they are preparing his "punishment" which could include suspending him for months without pay.

Can you believe this?!! Whatever happened to concepts of "academic freedom" and "free speech?" Liberal professors have carte blanch to teach students about all manner of leftist orthodoxy, including support for gay and lesbian issues and alternative family structures, but a professor who dares offer students a perspective that children have the right to know their mother and a father is guilty of creating an adverse learning environment!

This is outrageous and we cannot let these taxpayer-funded university bureaucrats get away with railroading a professor because he supports the right of a child to know his or her parents.

Please act today to contact the president of CSU Northridge to express your opposition to what they are doing. It is imperative that we raise this issue to the very top of the university administration to shine a light of truth on what these lower-level bureaucrats are attempting to do.

Please do not set this note aside even for a day. Time is of the essence. At any moment Professor Lopez could be stripped of his position and his pay. It's essential that you act today to contact the university to express your opposition to what they have done and to demand that they cease their targeting of Professor Lopez simply for supporting the right of children to both a mother and a father.

Do not let LGBT activists bully a rare voice in academia willing to speak up for marriage and parenting, and to engage his students in a discussion of traditional family structure. Please demand that university bureaucrats afford Professor Robert Lopez the very same academic freedom to discuss children rights as they do liberal professors to discuss homosexuality, gay parenting and related issues.

Please act today to support Professor Robert Oscar Lopez.


Brian S Brown

Act Today!

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