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The reason that NOM works so hard to help pro-marriage champions win election is because that is how public policy gets impacted. If we want to have laws and policies that uplift marriage and protect religious liberty, then we need to have elected officials in office who share those values. Look no further than Kentucky for a powerful example of this.

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You're quite familiar with the case of Kim Davis, the Christian clerk who spent a week in jail rather than violate her conscience and surrender her constitutional rights by being complicit in the lie that is same-sex 'marriage.' All that Ms. Davis requested was an accommodation that state and federal law require — that she not have her name on a license that authorizes a same-sex 'marriage' because she believes as you and I believe and what the Kentucky Constitution mandates — that marriage can only be between one man and one woman.

For this she was thrown in jail. When she was finally released due to immense public pressure (which NOM helped to generate) she had the licenses reprinted to remove her name. The left went crazy, and lawsuits were filed demanding that she be forced to personally sanction gay 'marriages' against her beliefs. Some activists even demanded she be put back into jail.

NOM supported Ms. Davis, but we did more than that. We got involved in the election of a new governor, endorsing Matt Bevin and working hard to ensure that pro-marriage supporters in the state got out and voted. The media said this would never happen and that the Democrat who had refused to defend the state's marriage amendment, Jack Conway, would win overwhelmingly.

Instead, it was Matt Bevin who won overwhelmingly! He's going to be Governor of Kentucky and Jack Conway's career lies in ruins.

And it didn't take Gov-Elect Bevin much time to deliver on his commitment to marriage and religious liberty. He announced the other day that once sworn in he will immediately issue an order taking the names of individual clerks off the marriage licenses.

With the stroke of a pen, Matt Bevin will protect the religious liberty rights of all Kentucky officials like Kim Davis who simply do not want to be personally involved in sanctioning something that they cannot support.

That's why elections matter.

And that's why we ask you to make a financial contribution today to support the National Organization for Marriage. We depend on your generosity to be able to step up in situations like the race for Governor in Kentucky. Without your financial help, we can't make a difference but with it we can help upset the media's narrative, electing pro-marriage champions who adopt pro-marriage policies.

Will you make a quick donation of $15, $25, $50, $100 or even $250 or more so that we have the resources to continue to support people and policies that advance marriage and religious liberty? Every dollar you contribute will be matched, dollar for dollar by a generous supporter.

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To be sure, much more needs to be done in Kentucky and in other states and at the federal level to protect the rights of people to act in concert with their consciences when it comes to marriage, and to protect the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters. Nobody should be forced to give up their beliefs or their values and be forced to be personally be involved in same-sex 'marriage' against their will.

Indeed, NOM is working to enact those protections in Congress with passage of the First Amendment Defense Act, and at the state level through similar legislation. And ultimately, it's imperative that the illegitimate and anti-constitutional decision of the US Supreme court redefining marriage be overturned or negated, and that's a top priority as well.

Our work to advance legislation in Congress and at the state level is an urgent priority which needs your support to move forward.

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There's another lesson from the elections last week, and it comes from the crushing defeat of the misnamed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. This ordinance was pushed by Houston's lesbian mayor to grant special legal rights to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered individuals.

It's wrong to grant special rights to a tiny segment of the population who will be able to use the law as a club against others who uphold traditional values. Had this ordinance taken effect, a man would have been able to force his way into private facilities reserved for women — such as restrooms, locker rooms and showers — simply by claiming a "gender identity" opposite to his actual biology. It also would have given the LGBT community a powerful club to claim "discrimination" in a host of everyday situations.

The people of Houston believe, as we believe, that nobody should face unjust discrimination, but also that nobody is entitled to special legal rights that can trump the rights of others.

NOM opposed the Houston ordinance, and was a major donor to the campaign that defeated it. As in Kentucky, we helped publicize the key issues and urged marriage supporters to get out and vote. And just as in Kentucky, the mainstream media — led by the nose by wealthy gay groups like the grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign that together contributed at least $700,000 to pass the ordinance — reported that a major election victory for LGBT activists was on the verge of happening with the expected passage of the ordinance.

But the ordinance was overwhelmingly rejected by Houston voters with 61% of the vote.

Please help NOM continue to fight against special legal rights while upholding the religious liberty rights of Americans who support marriage and the faith communities that sustain it.

Beyond the initial reporting of the election results, the same mainstream media hasn't had much to say about what happened in Houston. They are treating it like it never happened, largely burying coverage of the colossal defeat for gay activists delivered by Houston voters in this largely Democratic city.

You see, you're never going to get the full story from the media about the overwhelming support that marriage and religious liberty continue to enjoy in America. They don't cover the wins for marriage, and the polls they report are largely skewed and misrepresent the true nature of our strength as a marriage movement.

Why is that? Because gay activists who heavily influence media coverage do not want any honest debate about the what Americans actually believe — as evidenced by the election results in Kentucky and Houston — and instead want people to simply be told they must accept the rogue decisions of judges who have imposed a radical view of marriage and human sexuality on the nation.

It thus falls to NOM to help Americans sort through the facts from the fantasy manufactured by LGBT activists and the media that fawns over them. It's why we spend so much time communicating with you, our supporters, so that you are armed with the information you need to help push back on the narrative that redefining marriage is "a done deal" and must be accepted.

We've had some tremendous successes in recent months, and the victories in Houston and Kentucky add to our track record. But they and future victories are only possible if we enjoy your continued support.

Please give generously so that we can replenish our coffers and prepare for future opportunities to advance the cause of marriage and religious liberty. Remember, your gift will be matched by a generous donor dollar for dollar, providing a tremendous boost in support for our work.

We are extremely grateful for all you've done to support us at NOM and we look forward to sharing many more accomplishments with you going forward.


Brian S Brown

PS — Through the end of the year, your gift will double in size thanks to the matching program that is in place. You donation of $25 will result in NOM receiving $50, while your gift of $50 will mean we receive $100. Please act today to make your ost generous contribution. Thank you!

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