Citizens Fight to Keep Men Out of Women’s Bathrooms, Protect Marriage


Dear Marriage Supporter,

While the elite and the mainstream media is busy trying to fool themselves and the American people into thinking people are fine with the US Supreme Court imposing a radical redefinition of marriage and human sexuality on the nation, average citizens across the country are having none of it. There are several critical examples to point to this week.

Campaign for Houston Fighting to Keep Men Out of Women's Bathrooms

The City of Houston is at the forefront of attempting to force citizens to accept the false notion that "gender identity" is more important than biology. The City Council has passed a notorious ordinance, pushed by the city's lesbian mayor, that gives special legal rights to people claiming to be "transgendered" — including men who claim to identify as women — the right to use the restrooms reserved for the opposite sex. The ordinance contains no common sense protections, such as requiring someone who claims a "gender identity" opposite his or her biologic sex to have some evidence that it is a sincerely-held belief and consistent behavior, and not a pretext. The ordinance is so poorly-conceived that a man could claim to be a woman on one morning, and thus use the women's restrooms, and later that day change his "identity" in order to participate in a male-only activity. Boys will be able to use showers and locker rooms reserved for girls, and participate with them in the intimate acts of showering and dressing. It even allows convicted sex-offenders to claim a female identity and use women's restrooms.

In the gobbledygook world of political correctness, the City Council called their ordinance the "Houston Equal Rights Ordinance" (HERO), but there is nothing heroic about giving special rights to a tiny segment of the population while risking the privacy and safety of everyone else.

When citizens understandably objected to this dangerous special rights ordinance and began a referendum effort to put it on the ballot, the mayor and city fought back with everything they had to punish those of us who believe that biology determines gender, not amorphous "feelings." The mayor even illegally demanded that local pastors turn over all their sermons and internal correspondence relating to the referendum in an attempt to intimidate and pressure churches to stay out of the fight. When referendum signatures were submitted, the city illegally rejected them and the state finally had to order the referendum on the ballot.

The Campaign for Houston is leading the campaign to reject the special rights ordinance and NOM urges you to support their efforts. Early voting began yesterday so if you live in Houston, please be among the first to cast a ballot against the ordinance by voting NO on the referendum. If you have friends or family who live in Houston, urge them to also cast their ballot against the ordinance.

NOM urges you to take several other steps to help the Campaign for Houston defeat this dangerous special rights ordinance:

  • Please make a contribution to the Campaign for Houston to support their grassroots effort to overturn the ordinance. They need your help to be successful. Those in favor of the dangerous special rights ordinance are tapping a huge network of wealthy gay and lesbian donors, and it's imperative that we at the grassroots level stand up to help those who are defending Houston families.
  • The coalition is working hard to raise the funds to air a powerful TV ad and a radio commercial featuring legendary Houston baseball player Lance Berkman to educate Houston voters about the dangers of allowing men in women's restrooms and boys in girls' showers and locker rooms. Please watch and listen to the advertisements and share links with your friends and family. Ask them to join you in contributing to the campaign to ensure the ads are able to saturate the airwaves.
  • Publicize the importance of defeating this dangerous ordinance to all your contacts on social media. Even if you don't live in the Houston area, it's still important to let your network of friends and contacts know that you think the Houston ordinance is a bad idea. The more people across the country who come to know about the ordinance the bigger the impact will be when it is defeated, and the more likely that you will avoid having this type of dangerous ordinance proposed in your own community.

The election to overturn this dangerous special rights initiative is November 3rd.

Oklahoma Citizens Stand Tall for Marriage and Life

Oklahomans from all walks of life realize that the US Supreme Court opinion redefining marriage is illegitimate and unjust, and should be resisted. A massive groundswell of opposition to this decision has arisen, and an organized protest effort has emerged to declare that the state will not abandon their constitutionally defined definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman despite what five justices of the US Supreme Court might declare.

The coalition "Protect Life and Marriage OK!" includes community leaders, pastors, legislators, homemakers, employees and entrepreneurs. They have united together in support of Oklahoma's constitutional authority to protect natural, traditional marriage and to protect innocent, unborn children from the unjust, unlawful U.S. Supreme Court actions that have invented a constitutional right for same-sex "marriage" and that have led to the abortion of over 58 million unborn children.

The coalition has taken a number of important steps to urge citizens to resist the Supreme Court ruling on marriage. It has produced a compelling video explaining their effort, launched a petition drive giving citizens the ability to join the cause and become active in local efforts to advance the coalition, and is planning a major rally at the state capitol this coming Sunday, October 25th.

The coalition's slogan is "Legally we can, morally we must" and they are exactly right on both counts!

As you may recall, last week a group of over 60 prominent national legal scholars including NOM's chairman Dr. John Eastman and co-founder Professor Robert George issued a statement calling the Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage in the Obergefell case "anti-constitutional and illegitimate." The legal scholars urged state and federal officeholders to refuse to accept the ruling as binding precedent or settled law, and to recognize the right of states to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. They urged recognition of "the right of federal and state officeholders to act in accordance with those definitions."

The work of the Protect Life and Marriage OK! coalition is a tangible and welcome manifestation of resistance to the illegitimate and unjust ruling of the Supreme Court, resistance that NOM has long urged and we encourage all Americans to support.

We ask you to lend your own voice of encouragement for the effort in Oklahoma. Please sign the petition and urge all your friends and family to do the same. If you are able, plan to attend the rally this Sunday at 4:00pm on the south lawn at the capitol in Oklahoma City and join in this massive protest against the Supreme Court ruling. Encourage anyone you know who can attend to do so as well.

And please make every effort to promote the coalition's resistance effort to all your friends and contacts on social media and in any other forum you can.

Pro-Family Leaders from Across the Globe Come to Salt Lake City for the World Congress of Families Conference

For the first time, the World Congress of Families — a global nonprofit organization that promotes the natural family — is meeting in the United States. The Congress is the world's premier pro-family gathering and will occur next week in Salt Lake City from October 27-30, 2015.

The WCF brings together thousands of parents, youth, scholars, lawmakers, religious leaders and advocates to affirm, celebrate and encourage the natural family.

This year's World Congress of Families is chock full of important presentations and training sessions. I am looking forward to attending the event, and speaking with my fellow pro-family leaders, and I encourage you to join us.

There is still time to register for the conference. I'm certain that you will find it inspiring and informative. I know I greatly benefit whenever I am able to surround myself with leading experts and advocates who understand the truth of marriage and the importance of promoting the natural family where the basic human right of children to know and be loved by the two people responsible for bringing them into the world — their parents — is affirmed and encouraged.

Thank you for all you are doing to preserve marriage and the faith communities that sustain it.


Brian S Brown

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