Pope Affirms the Sanctity of Marriage!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

The Pope made dramatic statements during his visit to Washington, DC. With President Obama only a few feet away the Pope made profound remarks about marriage and religious liberty.

As you know, President Obama has worked tirelessly to redefine marriage and he now wants to redefine religious liberty and turn it into something other than what the Founding Fathers intended. But the constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion not the mere ability to hold a belief — it's the right to live out your beliefs in your daily life the way you want — not the way Obama or the government believes you should.

At the joint session of Congress, the Pope said — "I cannot hide my concern for the family, which is threatened, perhaps as never before, from within and without. Fundamental relationships are being called into question, as is the very basis of marriage and the family. I can only reiterate the importance and, above all, the richness and the beauty of family life."

And at the United Nations the Pope talked about recognizing the moral law of marriage between one man and one women which is affirmed, in what his own words describe, as "the natural difference between man and woman." What an affirmation to what we have been working so hard to protect!

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Brian S Brown

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