It's Not Only Kim Davis Who Has Been Targeted For Punishment


Dear Marriage Supporter,

It's been a week since Kim Davis went back to work pledging to continue to fight for her religious liberty rights and not be forced to issue 'marriage' licenses to same-sex couples that include her name or are issued under her authority. In fact, she had the license forms issued by her office going forward be reprinted to remove her name and include a reference that they were being issued by deputies by order of the federal court. She firmly believes that the licenses issued to gay couples under order of federal judge David Bunning are invalid because she has specifically refused to grant her authority to deputies for them to be issued.

Meanwhile, liberal politicians like Governor Steve Beshear and Attorney General Jack Conway — both of whom so readily abandoned the 75% of Kentucky voters who passed a constitutional amendment reserving marriage solely to one man and one woman — have quickly weighed in that the disputed licenses are valid. Of course their views are transparently political and not based on any serious legal analysis. Meanwhile, gay and lesbian activists are demanding that Kim Davis be hauled back into court for "interfering" with gay couples by altering the license forms.

The bottom line is that Kim Davis remains at risk and could be ordered back to jail any time this rogue federal judge decides to once again appease the LGBT activists.

NOM continues to stand firm fighting for the rights of Kim Davis and others who refuse to personally be complicit in the lie of same-sex 'marriage.' We're asking for your support of $25, $35, $50, $100 or even $250 or more so that we can undertake all the work needed to organize public opinion in defense of religious liberty for marriage supporters, help enact legislation at the federal and state levels to protect your rights, and help shape the electoral environment so that a champion for traditional marriage is elected president. Having a president who will appoint pro-marriage Supreme Court judges is the fastest path to reversing their sham, illegitimate ruling on marriage.

Kim Davis is not the only public official in the crosshairs of gay activists demanding that they personally endorse same-sex 'marriage' or be punished. A fellow clerk in Kentucky, Casey Davis (no relation to Kim), also refuses to issue 'marriage' licenses to gay couples because doing so violates his beliefs. He's facing legal action. In Alabama, Probate Judge Nick Williams has petitioned the state Supreme Court for an order protecting his right not to perform a same-sex 'marriage' in violation of his religious beliefs. And in Oregon, two state judges are under attack for refusing to perform same-sex 'weddings' that violate their religious beliefs.

The case of Marion County Judge Vance Day is particularly troubling. Oregon law allows, but does not require, judges to perform weddings. It is not a required element of their job. In fact, the state's laws are so liberal (like their politics) that just about anyone can pay a small fee and be authorized to perform marriages. Despite the fact that virtually any adult in the state could perform a same-sex 'wedding,' gay activists in the state are determined to force every judge to participate, especially those who object on moral or religious grounds. Thus, activists have filed a professional complaint against Vance Day because he does not want to violate his beliefs and perform a "gay wedding."

And get this: Part of the complaint against Judge Day is that because he doesn't want to personally perform a same-sex ceremony he must be prejudiced against gays and lesbians and they can't trust how he would treat them in court. "It goes beyond marriage and gets to serious questions about judicial integrity," one activist told a reporter.

Judge Vance Day is facing an upcoming state hearing that could lead to his removal from the bench. NOM has sounded the alarm about this case, and we are fighting to make sure that he and countless others are not punished simply for refusing to personally be part of the lie that is same-sex 'marriage.'

Please help us mount the most aggressive defense possible for the rights of all Americans to live their views about marriage in their daily lives and to be free from government persecution because they refuse to abandon the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Your contribution of $15, $35, $50, $100 or $250 is urgently needed, and thanks to a generous donor, will be instantly matched to double its effectiveness. Please act today to help us fight for you and all the others who are under attack.

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When I say that NOM is fighting for marriage and the religious liberty rights of Americans who believe in marriage, I mean we are on the front lines doing the heavy lifting, not just paying lip service to the cause. For example, in Oregon we not only filed legal briefs in support of traditional marriage, we went to court seeking to represent the state's voters when the state Attorney General violated her oath of office and refused to defend the vote of the people to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. When the homosexual judge who invalidated the Oregon marriage amendment denied our motion to defend marriage, we took our fight on behalf of Oregon voters all the way to the US Supreme Court. And even though the Supreme Court did not ultimately grant our request to allow us to defend the Oregon marriage amendment, we've continued to fight for the truth of marriage.

Given the posture of the courts, it's critical that Congress and state legislatures enact legislation like the First Amendment Defense Act. That is why we are working hard in Congress and at the state level to enact this critical legislation. Without it, countless Americans will be at risk of losing their businesses, being fired, having to pay heavy fines to the government and even being jailed — simply because they will not embrace same-sex 'marriage.'

I have to confess that asking you to make a financial contribution to NOM is one of the least desirable parts of my job. I'd much rather be speaking at rallies in Kentucky defending Kim Davis, or meeting with presidential candidates to talk about their views of marriage, or meeting with federal and state officials to explain the importance of the First Amendment Defense Act. But the truth of the matter is that we cannot be successful if we do not have the financial resources to effectively engage the battle.

NOM is the only group in this country that is solely focused on defending the truth of marriage and the faith communities that sustain it. We have many great allies in the battle, and we are extremely grateful and are extraordinarily blessed to have them standing beside us. But when it comes to maintaining a sole, undiluted, laser-focus on marriage as our only issue, NOM is the tip of the spear.

So while I may not always enjoy asking people for money, I am proud to do so because I am incredibly proud of NOM's work and I fundamentally believe that it is making a real difference now, and is essential if we are to protect the religious liberty of people to support marriage and to eventually reverse the illegitimate Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage.

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I thank you for all that you've done to support NOM and to defend the wonderful institution of marriage, an institution created by God at the beginning of time, one that provides immense benefits to couples and to children. The truth of marriage can never be "lost" because of an illegitimate court ruling, even one from the US Supreme Court. But millions of people can be misled and have their own lives and that of their children and grandchildren damaged because the universal truth of marriage has been unmoored from the law. We're committed to restoring the truth of marriage to our laws, and to protecting people of faith who believe in traditional marriage from being persecuted in the meantime. We would appreciate your financial support to fulfill this mission.


Brian S Brown

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