A Major Victory in a Continuing Battle


Dear Marriage Supporter,

The last several days have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. After spending six days in jail, Kim Davis has been released thanks in large part to the immense public pressure that NOM and our allies generated. Although we don't know what will happen next — it is a great victory for the truth of marriage!

The one thing these last few days have reinforced for me is the realization that we are not in control — God is in control! He has a plan, and the story of Kim Davis helps to illustrate that He fully intends us to fight for the institution of marriage that he created at the beginning of time -- one man and one woman.

Please help us stand for the truth of marriage as God created it by making a generous contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even $250 or more.

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You see, ever since the US Supreme Court issued their illegitimate ruling redefining marriage in the law, we have warned Americans of the tremendous damage this would mean for society as a whole, and especially for children, churches, and people of faith. It's obvious that same-sex 'marriage' is completely incompatible with Christian biblical beliefs, and the beliefs of every other mainstream religion in the world, and it was inevitable that biblical beliefs would collide with secular demands to embrace the new 'marriage' orthodoxy. We also knew that the elite would readily abandon our constitutional guarantee of religious liberty in favor of paying homage to cultural forces favoring gay 'marriage.'

But our warnings were ignored by the media and dismissed by elite society.

Then an unlikely hero emerged from a small town in rural Kentucky. The saga of Kim Davis got international news coverage, putting the illegitimate US Supreme Court ruling redefining marriage before millions of people. She became the personification of the conflict we warned about. It was because of her Christian faith that Kim could not abide the Court's sham ruling which purports to force her to sanction as "marriage" a same-sex union in violation of what the Bible says, and in that regard she represents millions of us.

When she refused to give in to the demands that she, personally — by her name on the license and under her authority by which it is issued — sanction same-sex 'marriage,' she was put in jail by a rogue federal judge determined to do the bidding of the gay activists and force her to abandon her principles and her beliefs — in essence demanding that she abandon her God.

When she was hauled off to jail, Kim was a humble servant of the Lord. "Thank you, your honor" was her only comment to the judge's ruling.

Putting a Christian in jail for standing up for her beliefs in the truth of marriage was an outrageous abuse of power, and NOM acted immediately to protest the act. We launched a nationwide petition drive that was joined by several allies and together secured the signature of hundreds of thousands of Americans who demanded that Kim be freed from jail and that the right of Americans to exercise their beliefs about marriage be protected.

With allies, we organized a major rally at the jailhouse where Kim was being held. I was honored to speak at this rally, and thousands of people attended. You can watch my remarks by clicking here. And an amazing thing happened when word of the rally reached the judge — he decided to release Kim from jail!

Kim was as humble upon her release from jail as she was when she was incarcerated. She thanks all those who had stood to support her, and she said, "you are a strong people."

NOM's strength derives directly from you. We are only as strong as your support provides. Fortunately, one of our top donors has agreed to continue the matching gift program that was set to expire, meaning that every donation we receive up to a total of $250,000 will be matched dollar for dollar! Please make a contribution today to allow us to continue the fight for God's plan for marriage.

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Kim is out of jail, for now. This certainly isn't the end of the story for her or the end of same-sex 'marriage' in America. But it is an encouraging sign to see so many people across the country, just like you and me, who believe that marriage is reserved for one man and one woman become passionately engaged in the controversy.

Kim was blatantly singled out because of her Christian faith even though federal and state laws require protections for religious faith. People of other faiths are routinely given fair accommodation for their faith —such as a Muslim being exempted from transporting alcohol, and that's how it should be. But when it comes to Christians not wanting to participate in something like gay 'marriage' that deeply conflicts with our beliefs, that's where the left draws the line.

Will you take a stand with NOM and support our efforts to aggressively protect religious freedom and bring a national focus to the injustice of the Supreme Court decision imposing same sex 'marriage' on every state in the nation? Your gift of $25, $50 or even $100 or more will be matched by a generous donor that is passionate about NOM's work.

Over the last several weeks NOM has taken action to bring attention to Kim Davis and the persecution she faced as a Christian woman standing by her principles.

  • We sent over one million emails to supporters around the country asking for their support and prayers.
  • We helped turn out thousands of people in Kentucky to support Kim Davis and protest what is nothing short of Christian persecution.
  • We worked closely with Governor Mike Huckabee to bring national attention to the clear bias and injustice taking place in Kentucky.
  • We helped mobilize hundreds of thousands of people to sign petitions like the one NOM launched demanding that Kim be freed and that religious liberty be protected.
  • We were able to overcome the odds and be instrumental in the release of Kim from jail; something none of us felt could happen so quickly!
  • Working with an allied organization, we were also able to raise over $7,000 for Kim and her family who have faced a very tough time.

We must not stand down — we must stand up and be counted! If we don't, the agenda of discrimination and tyranny will be the wrecking ball to our religious freedom.

This is not hyperbole. There is a distinct possibility that in our lifetime we will witness the obliteration and destruction of one of the strongest cornerstones of American freedom — the freedom to practice one's religion freely and not be persecuted for doing so!

That's why America needs strong women and men of sound character to fight injustice, to stand up for their convictions, and to put their principles above everything else — even if it means jail time!

Let me be clear: there are many reasons well beyond religious liberty why marriage should be preserved in the law to match what it is in realty, the union of one man and one woman. But religious liberty is a foundational principle of our nation, one that must be enforced while we fight to restore marriage to its rightful place in the law.

Kim Davis stood by her convictions. She is a woman of faith that wouldn't compromise her principles or betray what she holds deeply in her heart — that marriage is between one man and one woman. She knows this is what God's Word says, and it has been proven throughout human history to be an essential element of healthy societies. When I met her and her husband in Kentucky it was clear that she is a person of deep faith and that, in spite of the incredible pressure she faces, is standing by her convictions. She isn't backing down!

Will you do the same if/when the time comes? Most likely you are not in a job or civic position that puts you in the crosshairs of our opponents — but that doesn't mean you can't be targeted. Just think of the bakery or pizza parlor owners that were put out of business for their personal religious convictions! The truth is that persecution of our religious beliefs can happen to any of us at anytime.

We cannot be complacent. We must be vigilant. We must be proactive.

This is why I ask you to please consider making a generous donation that will help NOM fight on your behalf. We are on the frontline fighting every day for the passage of FADA (First Amendment Defense Act) at the national level. It has never been more critical to have FADA passed by both the House and Senate so that our religious freedom is affirmed and protected!

To do this, we need your immediate help to continue fighting on the state and national levels. This takes money. For every dollar we spend the enemy ups the ante. In many ways the odds are against us but if we band together we can turn the tides. We really can!

Will you consider a gift of $50, $100, or even $250? Your gift will be doubled thanks to a generous matching gift. Your gift of $50 will become $100! So please consider the best gift you possibly can.

With your help, we will fight on, for people like Kim Davis, and for average Americans like you and me who believe in the truth of marriage. And one other thing —we will prevail!


Brian S Brown

P.S. As you're reading this, it's possible Kim Davis is back in jail or forced out of her job or suffered some other injustice. We simply don't know what may happen. Regardless, it's clear there is much work to be done. Please pray for this brave women and her family so they have the strength to continue to stand strong!

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