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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The response to NOM's petition to rally Americans to Free Kim Davis, the Christian clerk in Kentucky who is in jail for her beliefs, has been remarkable. We've gathered over 13,000 signatures and are two-thirds of the way toward our goal of 20,000. If you have not yet signed our petition, please do so now. It's a great way to show your support and build pressure for her release.

But I am writing you today with a more personal request, something unrelated to NOM. Kim and her family face a very uncertain future. Because she has defied the demands of a rogue federal judge who thinks he can strip her of her constitutionally protected right to religious liberty, Kim could face massive fines. The judge has virtually unlimited power to enforce his contemptible order holding Kim in "contempt of court" and the gay activists who sued her have demanded massive fines be imposed even though they have already been "married."

NOM has joined with an allied organization,, to create a special crowdsourcing fund whose proceeds will go directly to Kim Davis. Please make a generous contribution to the Kim Davis Fund to help this courageous public servant continue to fight for the religious liberty rights of every American who believes that marriage was ordained by God as the union of one man and one woman.

Donate to Kim Davis Fund

The need for this type of fund is made more urgent because other crowdfunding sites like have succumbed to the demands of gay activists and refuse to make their sites available for fundraising campaigns to support Christians like the bakers in Oregon who have been fined for not wanting to be personally involved in same-sex 'marriage.' These activists were stunned when average Americans contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Christians who, like Kim Davis, stood firm for their beliefs about marriage, so they shut down fundraising campaigns for these people.

We cannot turn our back on people like Kim Davis who show incredible courage to stand up to the powerful elite who insist that we abandon the truth of marriage. Please make a generous contribution to the Kim Davis Fund today so that she can rest assured that funds are available to help her fight back against this injustice, and to support her family while she sits in jail.

While Judge David Bunning is the instrument whose contemptible order put Kim Davis in jail, the cause of her suffering is the US Supreme Court who illegitimately ruled last June to redefine marriage. The Court created a lie when they said that marriage is only about the commitment of two people. Marriage is and always will be the union of one man and one woman. No court has the power to redefine marriage, an institution that predates government and has existed in virtually every civilization throughout history.

For people of faith, the institution of marriage is not only evident by history but was ordained by God at the Creation. Now gay activists and federal judges are telling every American, not just Kim Davis, that they must ignore the truth of marriage and become personally complicit in the Supreme Court's lie.

I can tell you that I will never be complicit in this lie and I and NOM will do everything in our power to fight back. The entire country is watching what is unfolding in Kentucky with this Christian clerk — who never asked to be in this predicament — sits in jail simply because she refuses to put her name to a same-sex 'marriage' license because doing so would violate her religious beliefs.

Please join us in making a generous contribution to the Kim Davis Fund today. Just like used to do, the money contributed to the Kim Davis Fund will go directly to Kim, allowing her to pay for any fines that may be levied or cover any expenses she may have incurred fighting for her right to support true marriage, not the "marriage lie" the Supreme Court created.

I expect to be meeting with Kim tomorrow in jail, joined by her attorneys at Liberty Counsel and Governor Mike Huckabee who is organizing a rally after the meeting to demonstrate public support for Kim. (Here is a link to information about the rally in case you can attend; I will be speaking at the rally.) I want to be able to tell Kim that people across America are coming to her defense by signing our petition demanding her release, and contributing to the Kim Davis Fund to help her and her family meet the financial challenges of this horrible ordeal.

Donate to Kim Davis Fund

I hope you will act today to support this courageous woman who is standing for the truth of marriage.


Brian S Brown

PS — NOM continues to lead the American resistance to redefining marriage, fighting for victims like Kim Davis, pushing for enactment of legislation to protect Americans from punishment for supporting traditional marriage, and fighting to reverse the illegitimate Supreme Court ruling that redefined marriage in the law. We'd appreciate any support you can provide to us.

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