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Yesterday I wrote to you about the outrageous action of a federal judge who has imprisoned Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for not wishing to personally being involved in certifying a same-sex 'marriage' because doing so violates her Christian beliefs. This was a lawless ruling by the judge! Federal law requires government to seek a reasonable accommodation for officials who have religious objections to things like this, but the judge ignored Kim's pleas to find an accommodation. Instead, he sent her to jail and ordered her employees to issue gay 'marriage' licenses that bear her name.

We must stand up to this judicial tyranny! Please act immediately to sign the Free Kim Davis petition. Then share this petition via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email with all your friends and family on social media as well as anyone else you can reach to sign it.

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Kim Davis did not pick this fight with gay activists; she has been working hard to attempt to resolve a conflict that was created when the US Supreme Court illegitimately ruled last June that every state in the nation must license same-sex 'marriages.' For example, she asked that her name be removed from the license, but the state refused, even though they changed the license form to accommodate the desires of gay activists by eliminating reference to "bride" and "groom."

Forcing every single person in the country to personally embrace the illegitimate redefinition of marriage is the logical next step in the crusade of gay extremists, who seem able to call on the power of federal judges to impose their agenda.

We must fight this tyranny and stand up for Kim Davis! As I write this, over 5,000 people have signed our petition demanding that Kim be freed, but we need many more signatures if we are going to bring enough public pressure to free Kim from jail. That's why we need you to sign the petition right now, and share via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email with all your friends, your family, and your faith community.

I will be in Kentucky next week to demonstrate in support of Kim, and I would like to tell her that I am there representing you and tens of thousands of others who have signed the NOM petition to free Kim Davis. Please act today to sign and share the petition by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email. In addition to signing the pledge, perhaps you can join us in Grayson, Kentucky on September 8th. (We’ll try to share the details with you as they are finalized.)

I have one final request. Please consider making a contribution to NOM so that we may get our petition distributed far and wide. Coordinating a nationwide petition drive and rallying people to take action is a costly but worthwhile undertaking. We need your help! Please consider making a contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even $250 or more to help free Kim Davis.

Whatever plans you have today and over the coming long weekend, please remember that Kim Davis is sitting in jail fighting for the religious liberty of every American who does not want to be coerced by gay activists and their allies on the federal bench to participate in something that is illegitimate and against our beliefs. She is completely dependent on people like us to come to her defense. Please keep her in your prayers, and take action to help by signing the petition, sharing it by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Email and helping NOM reach more people on her behalf.


Brian S Brown

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