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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Hours ago a federal judge jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in an act of judicial tyranny. Judge David Bunning wants to force her to abandon her Christian principles and personally participate in validating same-sex 'marriages' by putting her name on the license. Federal law says that the government must provide a reasonable accommodation for people with deeply held religious beliefs, but this rouge judge is determined to make Kim pay for standing up for principle.

This judicial tyranny must end now!

Please sign our petition demanding that Kim Davis be freed immediately, and calling on elected officials in Washington and at the state level to enact legislation affording an accommodation for people so that they personally are not required to participate in something that violates their deeply held religious beliefs.

The left is already trying to spin this as "stopping discrimination" but the real victims of discrimination are Kim Davis and all of us who, because of the illegitimate ruling of the US Supreme Court in redefining marriage, are being told to sacrifice religious liberty on the altar of gay "rights."

The rogue federal judge who has jailed Kim Davis is merely the instrument of this tyranny, but the author of it are the US Supreme Court justices who ruled in June that states like Kentucky must allow same-sex 'couples' to "marry" in violation of their state constitution and laws.

It was inevitable that such a court decision would put people of faith in the crosshairs for punishment and discrimination.

Kim Davis is paying a price for all of us and we must stand with her now! Please sign the petition demanding that she be freed, and share it with all your friends and family through social media and any other way you can collect signatures.

We must build immense public pressure to force the elite and the judiciary to recognize the constitutional right of people to disagree with same-sex 'marriage' and to protect them from punishment for not being a part of it.

The case of Kim Davis is only the latest, and most shocking, example of the conflict the Supreme Court created when it imposed same-sex 'marriage' on the country without a shred of constitutional authority to do so. Before her case came a countless number of victims who have been sued, fined, lost their jobs, had their businesses closed and been threatened with financial ruin.

Now imprisonment has become a tool of gay 'marriage' activists, wielded by rogue judges in an exercise of raw power.

We must stop this judicial tyranny now! Please sign our petition to free Kim Davis and demand that elected officials protect people of faith from having to participate in an endorsement of same-sex 'marriage' against their will.


Brian S Brown

PS — We hope to generate thousands of signatures in the next 24 hours demanding that Kim be freed. Please act immediately to sign the petition and then share it with all your contacts.

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