Marriage Between One Man and One Woman Is Worth Celebrating


Mayor Andy Mack of Longview Texas declared August ‘Celebrate Traditional Marriage’ month. As a result, a coalition of citizens and East Texas Churches organized an event, to which a crowd estimated near one-thousand turned out to celebrate on the Gregg County courthouse lawn.

WSMV reported on the event:

ThinkstockPhotos-532815271Mayor Andy Mack proclaimed August 'Celebrate Traditional Marriage' month.

Around a thousand people came out to support the event, many with deep religious conviction.

"It's very important. I believe God put us together and he keeps us together every day," says Barbara Jones who's been married 47 years.

"It is a commitment and there will be ups and downs, so you just work through those things," says James McClemore, married 45 years.

Representative Brian Hughes was on hand with other elected officials in support of the event.

"We understand how important traditional marriage is. It was defined by God a long time before America was here. And it's so heartwarming to see
so many people come out to affirm that," Hughes says.

On the heels of the June gay pride event, and then the legalization of same sex-marriage, many believe the event was needed.

"It seems like the other side is always getting the headlines," said one married couple.

Marriage - the conjugal, lifetime, exclusive union between one man and one woman - is a sacred institution which is certainly deserving of celebration. Any union that deviates from this definition is not marriage.

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