Kim Davis is Why We Must Fight


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Her name is Kim Davis. She's a public servant, an elected clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky. And a Christian. She is now the reluctant face of the marriage movement, the latest victim of gay intolerance and government discrimination and persecution of marriage supporters.

When Kim was elected, there were no gay 'marriages' being conducted in Kentucky. But then the US Supreme Court upended the law, illegitimately redefining marriage in the law to strip it of its essential gender complementarity.

This puts Kim Davis in a terrible spot because it's she, personally, whose name is on a marriage license in Rowan County and whose signature attests that the couple is indeed married. The trouble is that two men cannot be married to each other, nor two women — regardless of what any court states.

Kim Davis wasn't going to lie, or violate her faith. She would not allow her name to be used to spread a falsehood — attesting that two men are married to each other, or two women either. If refusing to issue same-sex 'marriage' licenses while issuing heterosexual licenses was not permitted, then her solution was to not issue any marriage licenses, period.

Our opponents would have none of this. They sued her, and got a federal judge to "order" her to issue the licenses or face fines or incarceration. Kim refused, and she appealed. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeal refused to stay the lower court order, so Kim appealed to the US Supreme Court. Last night the Supreme Court — the very judicial entity that launched a war on the religious liberty rights of Kim Davis and countless Americans already victimized by their illegitimate ruling redefining marriage — summarily denied her appeal without so much as a word of commentary. So much for religious liberty.

As I write this, Kim Davis is at her home, trying to decide what she's going to do.. She can continue to defy the courts and risk humongous fines imposed on her by the courts, as well as go to jail for defying court orders. She can succumb to the demands of the gay activists and their allies on the bench and give a false witness to something that does not actually exist — gay 'marriage.' Or she can resign, and give up her career and livelihood.

I don't envy her decision, whatever it turns out to be.

Breaking News

Kim Davis Refuses to Back Down,
Cites “Under God’s Authority”!

Multiple news sources are reporting that Kim has refused this morning to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in defiance of the US Supreme Court!

Kim Davis is why we fight. Please stand with us to fight by making an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $100 or $250 or more.

You see, there is no reason that Kim should be in the position she's in. It's pure politics, and it's ugly, pure and simple. Why must gay activists use their power to try to punish, repress, and attack those who can never accept to a false definition of marriage?

The answer is because they think they are that powerful — that the entire nation must bow to their new orthodoxy or suffer the consequences.

Well, NOM will never bow to a lie, nor will we salute what is evil.

Please help us fight back against this push to force every American to embrace the lie that is same-sex 'marriage'. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or $250 or more will allow us to fight until the sham, outrageous ruling of the US Supreme Court is reversed. And with your support, we will work night and day to protect the rights of marriage supporters to be free of the kind of discrimination that Kim now faces.

The case of Kim Davis is powerful evidence of why it is simply imperative that we enact the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) at the federal and state levels. This legislation would prohibit the government from taking adverse action against individuals, small businesses, churches or charitable or religious groups because of their belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

But enacting FADA will not be an easy feat. The same extremists who are pummeling Kim Davis with threats and intimidation also wield enormous clout in Washington, and especially so with President Obama, whom Newsweek infamously dubbed, "The First Gay President."

The struggle to enact FADA will be monumental. We will need to deploy every resource possible — including a massive mobilization of the grassroots and a ferocious public relations and advertising campaign.

To be successful we must raise $100,000 by Labor Day. That's more than $10,000 a day — a difficult feat.

Fortunately, some of our best supporters have agreed to match every donation we receive through Labor Day, dollar for dollar, up to a total matching donation of $250,000. There's never been a more important — or more opportune — time to support NOM.

I'll make a quick donation of $10, which will instantly double to $20 thanks to the match.

I'll make a quick donation of $25, which will instantly double to $50 thanks to the match.

I'll make a quick donation of $50, which will instantly double to $100 thanks to the match.

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Until FADA is enacted by Congress and state legislatures, we will have more and more Kim Davis'. We will have more people like Aaron and Melissa Klein who were fined $135,000 for refusing to participate in a gay 'wedding' by baking the couple's cake. More people like Baronelle Stutzman, a grandmother whose entire personal assets are at risk for not providing flowers to celebrate a gay union. More people like the New Mexico photographer who declined to photograph a gay ceremony and was fined by the state. More people like the O'Reillys in Vermont who did not want to have a gay ceremony held at their bed & breakfast facility and who were fined and put out of the wedding business entirely. And eventually we will have more people here like Catholic Bishop Vitus Huonder in Switzerland who is now facing criminal charges for preaching the truth about homosexuality.

Who will fight for Kim Davis and all the others? It's NOM that fights, but we can be successful only if you stand with us. Please make the most generous contribution you can today.

What Kim Davis is going through is tragic. The only thing more tragic would be if we simply shrug our shoulders and say "oh well." Do not wait until your own religious liberty is being forfeited. Stand today and support NOM with a generous gift so that every American can one day rest secure knowing that their government will never be able to punish them simply for believing that marriage is what God created — the union of a man and a woman.


Brian S Brown

PS — The matching gift program made available by some of our best supporters ends on Labor Day. Please make a contribution today of whatever you can afford, which will be instantly doubled, making our efforts to enact the First Amendment Defense Act all the more effective.

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