Need More Proof? Just Read This Shocking New Attack on Religion in America!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

As if we needed any more evidence that the Supreme Court ruling on marriage is an absolute debacle for America, there was further proof earlier this week.

A group of 130 nonprofit organizations sent a letter to President Obama asking him to throw away a policy that protects the religious rights of other groups. They want to mandate that organizations that receive government funding cannot refuse to hire someone who does not share their religious beliefs. This is a blatant effort to force acceptance of same-sex marriage!

Bottom line: our tax dollars will be refused to any organization that exercises the religious rights guaranteed by our Constitution.

It is shocking! We must not allow this to happen! And to do that, the National Organization for Marriage needs your immediate financial gift of $25, $35, $50, $75 or $100 or more to fight the most critical battle of our history.

To make matters worse, the reason they gave the president for overthrowing this policy is that failure to do so will "tarnish the legacy of your work."

Can you believe it? Their reasoning is not about the Constitution and the rights it guarantees to all Americans — it's about a way a single person will be remembered in history.

I don't know about you, but the only legacy we should care about is being remembered as a strident defender of the Constitution. I hope to be remembered as a person that refused to back down, even when others claimed my defense of the Constitution was "out of touch" with contemporary values.

Are you standing firm with me to help protect our constitutional rights? If so, please make a gift right now — $25, $35, $50, $75 or $100 or more — so NOM can continue the fight for you . . . and for America!

Here's how NOM is investing your generous donations in this all-out battle for Americans Constitutionally guaranteed rights:

  1. NOM is on the frontlines of the battle for the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). This Act cannot survive the efforts of those who are opposed to religious freedom unless we stand strong and united. Urged on by NOM, thousands of people have already contacted their federal representatives to urge them to sign onto this critical legislation.
    Help us get the word out to everyone who cares about religious freedom in America. Give now!
  2. We are leading the effort to reverse the illegitimate Supreme Court decision by electing a pro-marriage champion as our nation's next president. We created the presidential pledge and already, four candidates have emerged as Marriage Champions — Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rick Santorum, Governor Bobby Jindal and Dr. Ben Carson.
    We need our next president to make an ironclad commitment that he or she will take specific actions to restore marriage in America. Help us continue to lobby presidential candidates to take a stand for Marriage in America. Donate today!
  3. We are also working hard to see FADA become law at the state level. Our initiatives include advancing FADA at the state level, publicizing cases of those already being victimized by the redefining of marriage, and engaging the grassroots through nationwide education and outreach.

Nothing will change unless you and I speak out and stand firm! Our work depends on you! Make your gift now!

What is possible when you stand with NOM today? Everything! We will be heard. FADA will become the law of the land. Our next president will be a strident supporter of marriage. Religious freedom will be preserved in America!

But NOM's efforts take money. We can't do this without your support. We are completely dependent on you and others to contribute to this effort. Those opposed to religious freedom are throwing every dime they have into the fight to make sure FADA fails in Congress and at the state level.

Do not let those who hate religious freedom win. Give today to save America's commitment to religious freedom.

Why give today? Because every dollar you give will be matched dollar for dollar! Your money will go twice as far in the battle for America's religious freedom. Today is a perfect time to support NOM and watch your investment double!

I'll make a donation of $25 which will double to $50

I'll make a donation of $35 which will double to $70

I'll make a donation of $50 which will double to $100

I'll make a donation of $75 which will double to $150

I'll make a donation of $100 or more which will double to $200 or more

There is no time to waste. Those opposed to marriage are not standing back, waiting to see what happens. We must match them dollar for dollar, action for action. Because what is at stake is the very freedom that sets America apart from so many other nations on earth.

President Ronald Reagan said, "I know that we share a belief that all people, no matter where they live, have the right to freedom of religion. This is not a right that is any governments to give or to take away. It's our right from birth, because we're all children of God."

Please don't stand on the sidelines and let our government destroy this right. Support NOM today so we can protect your rights and the rights of all Americans.


Brian S Brown    
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