An Example of True Anti-discrimination


Melissa and Aaron Klein, owners of the Oregon Sweet Cakes by Melissa, made famous for turning down the business opportunity to serve a same-sex wedding, have made a surprising and generous gesture to the LBGT community. The Klein family has baked several custom cakes that they are sending to some of the largest LBGT advocacy groups on the West Coast. This is an effort to show that although they cannot serve their weddings, the Kleins “really do love” same-sex couples for the persons that they are. The Daily Signal explains:

Image Credit/The Daily Signal

Image Credit/The Daily Signal

Because of their Christian faith, the Kleins don’t support same-sex marriage. But they say that doesn’t mean they can’t still love those who choose to live that lifestyle.

“I’m not asking anybody out there to change their beliefs and believe the way I do,” Melissa said. “I’m just saying they want to live their life freely and I also do, too.”

. . .

In the coming weeks, they plan to send baked goods to other LGBT groups across the country.

“We’re doing this to show that we don’t harbor hard feelings toward the narrative that’s been put out about us. We don’t want to see these people hurting,” Aaron told The Daily Signal.

. . .

“This is a small thing that I can do. I can bake them something, take my time and put my energy into expressing how I feel,” she [Melissa] said.

The inside of the cakes are colored red, white and blue to stand for freedom, because “everybody should be free to live as we want to live,” Melissa said. Outside, she decorated the cake with fondant and a red heart as a gesture of “being kind and loving.”

On top, she wrote, “We really do love you.”

The Kleins are an example of a the type of family our nation depends on, and invests hope in for the future. They are reaching out to a community, which houses some members who have tried to destroy their business and demonize them personally. They are exhibiting powerful examples of a true Christian attitude, and a truly anti-discrimination mindset. Let us look to the Kleins as an example of how to treat those with whom we disagree with respect and dignity.

See The Daily Signal for the full story.

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