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Dear Marriage Supporter,

One of the most encouraging developments since the US Supreme Court issued their illegitimate and wrongly decided ruling on marriage is the degree to which faithful citizens have been stirred to work to reclaim marriage. Countless community-based efforts are underway, developed spontaneously simply because people cannot tolerate a ruling that is so profoundly wrong for society, families and especially children.

I am speaking at one such event this Saturday, August 15th, called "White House Witness." Organized by the faith-based group The Kings Men, we will be gathering hundreds of people in front of the White House to do three things:

  1. Pray for the restoration of marriage. We'll pray the Rosary in front of the White House and urge Americans to pray daily, fast weekly and sacrifice for the truth of marriage.
  2. Demonstrate in the public square. It's not enough to act privately in support of marriage; we must demonstrate in the public square our support for the truth of God's design for marriage. That will be a key element of our gathering on Saturday.
  3. Witness to God's plan for marriage by offering an authentic witness to the public about the true nature of marriage, how the gift of children can enrich family life and the sheer goodness that marriage provides society.

I am looking forward to addressing these outstanding supporters of marriage. If you can attend, please join us at the White House this Saturday from 10am until noon (eastern time).

Santorum, Jindal Stand Tall for Marriage in Presidential Debate

Sen. Rick Santorum has been a leader for the cause of preserving marriage his entire career in public service, a dedication that earned him NOM's prestigious Marriage Champion Award which we presented to him last month at our annual Marriage Gala dinner in Washington. In the presidential debate last week, Sen. Santorum was asked if the US Supreme Court decision made gay 'marriage' settled law. His answer was powerful and true, a resounding rejection of judicial Supremacy, demonstrating his commitment to lead the nation to restore marriage to our laws. Watch his compelling answer to the question.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, another strong supporter of marriage, took the opportunity in the presidential debate to express his support for protecting the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters. When asked to detail the executive orders he'd issue as president, Jindal pledged to sign an executive order protecting traditional marriage supporters, just as he has done in Louisiana. You can view his comments here.

We commend both Sen. Santorum and Gov. Jindal for their principled comments and urge all the presidential candidates to similarly speak out on the campaign trail in support of marriage, our most important social institution.

NOM has challenged all the presidential candidates to sign our Presidential Marriage Pledge, committing to take specific actions to restore marriage to the law and our culture. More news on the pledge will be announced soon.

Urge Your Federal Representatives To Support The First Amendment Defense Act

Members of Congress are home in their districts for several weeks where they have the opportunity to hear directly from constituents. Please take this opportunity to urge your federal representatives to support the First Amendment Defense Act (HR 2802/S. 1598). One of the best ways to do this is to attend a town hall meeting if your representative has one scheduled. Call his or her office to inquire, and then make every effort to attend.

We've been very successful so far in generating support for FADA, with 183 sponsors and cosponsors already signed onto the legislation — 42% of the entire Congress. But we need to push harder if we're going to secure passage of this critical legislation.

Without FADA, the Obama Administration will be able to turn the federal government into a powerful tool in the hands of same-sex advocates to punish people who support marriage. A push will be made to deny individuals and groups who support marriage access to federal grants and contracts, accreditation, tax exemptions, tax exempt status, and many other punitive measures.

FADA is "must pass" legislation and it is critical that we all contact our representatives to urge their support.

NOM Is Leading The Fight To Restore Marriage

These are challenging times in the cause to preserve marriage. As illegitimate as it was for the US Supreme Court to have imposed same-sex 'marriage' on the nation, it is a very arduous task to reverse it. However, reversing it is possible — and NOM has a five-point plan to do so.

Donate to Defend Marriage

Despite the challenges, we are optimistic about the future. We know the truth of marriage will prevail, and we know that a majority of Americans are on our side. But to prevail, we need Americans like you not only on our side, but to financially support our work. We are a grassroots organization that relies on support from average Americans.

Please consider making a donation to NOM today. Fortunately, some of our best supporters who recognize the importance of our work have agreed to match any contribution you give, dollar for dollar up to a total of $250,000, making this a perfect time to support NOM. Your gift of $25 will result in us receiving $50, which we will immediately put to use fighting for marriage in the halls of power, in the courts, in the court of public opinion and in the culture.

Marriage is too important for us not to do everything possible to restore it to our laws. Please act today with a generous contribution, which will double in size thanks to the matching campaign by some of our supporters.


Brian S Brown

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