Children Are Not Commodities


So far, five videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s atrocities have been released. The videos show a disgusting, utterly callous affront to human life: first Planned Parenthood employees talking about aborted children in terms of paychecks and sports cars, then actual depictions of trays full of frozen baby organs. These videos demonstrate horrifically the objectification of children all too common in society and among activists on the left. Such objectification will dramatically increase as a result of the US Supreme Court’s decision in the Obergefell marriage case, which treats children merely as tools for obtaining adult pleasure. As Robert Oscar Lopez writes at Public Discourse:

ThinkstockPhotos-527616603Obergefell brings Roe v. Wade to its climax because it completes the transformation of children into objects. For children will be forced to love gay adults who are not their parents. To Kennedy, gay adults have a right not to feel lonely, which includes the right to start families. In fact, he states that they have a right to “custody” and “birth certificates” (i.e., birth certificates falsified to include two same-sex parents and erase biological parents of the opposite sex). To satisfy the human right to dignity and to thwart the civil injustice of “loneliness,” children must be produced and provided to people who want them, whether or not those people conceived the child by making love.

Children not only can, but must be manufactured. The transfers of custody must generate orphans and abandoned children, paying gamete donors and surrogates to abandon and orphan their offspring, so that this new product—the loving and obedient human being—can be delivered to paying customers.

. . .

The wine-sipping doctor of Planned Parenthood didn’t come out of nowhere. This individual was dealing with people who claimed to be doing research with the fetal tissues. She was educated by a system that framed her brutal trade as not only acceptable, but just and fruitful.

Dr. Nucatola is the inevitable offspring of a society that has no way to discuss humanity, no real lens into the history of past atrocities, no true connection to all the arts and letters left by millennia of writers about what makes us human and why humanity is precious. She is the indispensable sentinel of the society and the educational system that gave us the twin disasters of abortion and gay marriage.

ThinkstockPhotos-119998604We must protect our children and educate them so that future atrocities like the Planned Parenthood scandal will not occur. Our children deserve to know how precious every life is, how every child has a mother and a father, and how every human life is unique and irreplaceable. #AnotherBoy suffered a cruel death because our society has turned its back on its foundation: the family.

To protect our children, we must protect the family. To protect the family, society needs to protect marriage. Without marriage as the union between one man and one woman, our children will be considered “commodities.” Our society can be educated; our children can be protected. When marriage is upheld as only between one man and one woman, children are viewed as they truly are: precious humans, who are the hope for the future.

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