They won't give up. But will you? Please don't . . .


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Now that the US Supreme Court has illegitimately redefined marriage, we are in a fierce struggle to protect people of faith from persecution and punishment.

Every few days, a new attack against religious freedom is exploding somewhere in our nation. Christian schools and people of faith — bakers, printers, florists, photographers, innkeepers and others in many walks of life — are being punished for standing firm in their beliefs that marriage is the union between of one man and one woman.

Lawsuits are being filed. Fines are being levied. And people who oppose same-sex marriage are closing their businesses rather than compromise their convictions.

What happened to the right of American people — who believe in the truth of marriage — to hold to those beliefs? How far things have gone in such a short time!

Donate to Defend Marriage

Please consider a generous contribution of $20, $50, $100 or $500 or more.

Friend, these are terrible days for religious freedom. And the sad truth is that religious freedom is NOT free anymore. It's under attack on many fronts and people across America are now fighting for the very rights our country was founded to defend!

But please, do NOT give up! The National Organization for Marriage is 100% committed to fighting to protect the rights of people of faith across our nation.

But we can't do this alone! We need you and financial support. Will you consider a financial contribution to support our efforts? Any size gift will help defend marriage — a contribution of $20, $50, $100 or $500 or more will make an immediate impact.

NOM must raise $100,000 by August 15 so we can continue the battle to see the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) passed into law. As you can imagine, this is not a popular bill with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and even Obama among others — which is why we have our work cut out for us. After all, these officials — elected by the people to represent the people — seem to have forgotten that people of faith deserve the same protections under law as every other American citizen.

So we must rally support. We believe there are enough votes in both houses of Congress to pass this legislation, but political pressure could keep some of these men and women from voting their convictions, and the convictions of their constituents. We must remind them over and over again that the MAJORITY of Americans support the traditional definition of marriage.

We MUST NOT "sell out" people of faith simply because we did not try hard enough. That is why NOM is mounting a fierce education campaign about the need for the FADA bill and get it passed.

Will we succeed? We CAN, if you stand with us. Alone, we will be ignored — just a few voices battling the loud and aggressive actions of those who won't stop until holding any religious convictions in America is illegal.

Donate Today

We need your support. NOW. TODAY. Don’t wait — the pressure grows daily and our rights as men and women of faith grow dimmer and dimmer. But we urgently need your financial help today to carry the fight forward. Please consider a generous contribution of $20, $50, $100 or $500 or more.

Will NOM let that happen? NEVER! As long as you stand with us, we will continue to fight.

Please, don't give up now. Everything you and I stand for is at stake. I believe this matters enough to you that you will show your determination to end this horrific discrimination by making a gift today.

I need you. America needs you. For the sake of every person of faith, please keep fighting with NOM today.


Brian S Brown

P.S. I started this urgent email by asking you if you were going to give up. Please answer me by saying "NO!" — and show that by making your best gift today. I will fight this battle until I have no more breath in my body, but I can't do it alone. I need you. NOM needs you. And yes, America needs you!

Donate Today

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