That Didn't Take Long


Dear Marriage Supporter,

When I issued my statement from the steps of the US Supreme Court reacting to the 5-4 court ruling redefining marriage, I said in the opening paragraph that the American people would reject the decision, and that the Supreme Court would not have the last word on this issue. Boy was I right!

A new national survey released a few days ago by the Associated Press/GfK found that support for same-sex 'marriage' has collapsed. Since the Supreme Court ruling, support for SSM has dropped by 6 points and opposition has increased by 4 points — a combined 10 point movement in public opinion. That is an astonishing degree of movement in such a short period of time!

The AP survey found that 42% of Americans support same-sex 'marriage' while 40% now oppose it. Statistically, that is a dead heat. Just this past April, supporters of SSM enjoyed a 12 point advantage, 48%-36%. Since the Supreme Court decision imposing gay 'marriage' in every state, we're now in a whole new ballgame.

I am so encouraged by the public reaction to the illegitimate decision of the Supreme Court because it means that NOM's five-point plan to contain and then reverse it has a real chance of capturing the support of the American people.

I am asking you today for your financial help to implement our plan and engage the American people who are finally waking up to what has happened. We need to raise $100,000 in the next three weeks to move our plan forward. Will you step up with an emergency donation of $10, $25, $50 $100, $250 or even $500 or more?

Brian, I'm in for $10.

Brian, I'm in for $25.

Brian, I'm in for $50.

Brian, I'm in for $100.

Brian, I'm in for $250.

Brian, I'm in for $500 or more.

There's even more good news in this incredibly important survey from the Associated Press. First, a plurality of the American people tell the pollsters that they are opposed to the US Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, the case that imposed SSM on the nation. Only 39% of Americans support the decision, while 41% are opposed to it.

By overwhelming majorities, the people of our land believe that no business should be forced to participate in a same-sex 'marriage' ceremony against their will. 59% of Americans say that wedding-related businesses should be able to refuse service if it violates their religious beliefs.

And there is even more — 56% of Americans say that the government should act to protect religious liberty rights of traditional marriage believers, while only 39% of Americans believe the government should protect the rights of gays and lesbians when there is a conflict with someone who supports traditional marriage.

Wow! Talk about a sea-change in public opinion.

We couldn't ask for a better situation to contain and eventually reverse the decision of the Supreme Court. You see, our top two priorities are electing a pro-marriage champion as president, and passing the First Amendment Defense Act that will protect supporters of marriage against discrimination by the federal government.

It's clear that the American people will be with us if we are able to implement our plan.

I hope you will recall that some of our top supporters have agreed to match every dollar you give to support our plan, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $250,000. This generous match, combined with the incredibly encouraging results of the Associated Press survey, means there has never been a more advantageous moment for you to make a sacrificial gift to NOM. Every dollar you give will mean two dollars to support implementation of our national plan.

I will give $10 so that NOM receives $20 to pursue the plan.

I will give $25 so that NOM receives $50 to pursue the plan.

I will give $50 so that NOM receives $100 to pursue the plan.

I will give $100 so that NOM receives $200 to pursue the plan.

I will give $250 so that NOM receives $500 to pursue the plan.

I will give $500 or more so that NOM receives $1,000 or more to pursue the plan.

As you know, when I first heard what the Supreme Court had done, I was incredibly sad at the news. Then when I read their decision, I became mad because I saw clearly that the Court simply made up a fictitious right to same-sex 'marriage' because they think they know what's best for the country. Over the ensuing few weeks since the decision was issued, I have developed a deep resolve to fight back against this gross miscarriage of justice.

But today I have something accompanying that feeling of resolve — I have real hope that we can prevail. The winds of change are blowing, and they are blowing in our direction. Now is the time to act! Please make your most generous contribution today, so that we can take advantage of this incredible shift in public opinion, and move our plan forward.

Be encouraged today — by working together we are going to prevail!


Brian S Brown

PS — Please don't miss this chance to have your contribution to NOM matched dollar for dollar by some of our best supporters. With the momentum we have coming off the Associated Press survey, now is the best time possible to push forward with our plan. Your support is critical, and we are counting on you.

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