The Pendulum Is Moving


David French writes at National Review that three national polls show Americans rejecting the ruling of the US Supreme Court that purported to redefine marriage, and that support for same-sex ‘marriage’ is dropping. He attributes this in part to the behavior of same-sex ‘marriage’ supporters – “social justice warriors”– whom he says in the wake of the Supreme Court decision “proceeded to act like hectoring, condescending, arrogant scolds — loudly and publicly, day after day.” As published in National Review:

ThinkstockPhotos-186354183The Social Justice Warriors forgot that most Americans just don’t like mean people. And in one two-week span of American life, millions of SJWs helpfully and unmistakably labeled themselves with their rainbow profile pictures, then proceeded to act like hectoring, condescending, arrogant scolds — loudly and publicly, day after day. They were mean. They mocked Christians, celebrated the plight of a Christian baker’s family as it faced financial ruin for refusing to facilitate a gay wedding, and kept pointing at the Supreme Court and the White House as if they represented some sort of cosmic scoreboard — as if the only response for conservatives was to take their ball, slink away, and go home.

. . .

A generation ago, the social-justice Left tried its best to silence the pro-life movement — to treat the very utterance of pro-life sentiment as an affront against women. They failed, utterly. Pro-life speech is still of course constitutionally protected, and the pro-life movement is arguably stronger than it’s ever been. Indeed, it’s just received an incalculable boost through videos that show Planned Parenthood being Planned Parenthood. Unable to learn, the social-justice Left is going back to the old, failed playbook of the 1990s — trying its best to silence cultural conservatives on marriage – and in so doing they are once again showing their totalitarian colors. Once again, they’re being mean. Americans don’t like mean.

The mere act of engaging the Social Justice Warriors is a win. Your words have the chance to persuade, and their overreaction has a chance to repel. So speak merrily, conservative friends, and reap the benefits of liberal rage.

When honest people see the anti-marriage agenda exposed for its foulness, they will flock even faster to the side of truth. As the polls indicate, this is already happening. Clearly, the fight is not over; we must continue to stand and fight for the truth about marriage: the union of one man and one woman.

Please see National Review for the full article.

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