A Busy Week for Marriage


Dear Marriage Supporter,

This week resulted in a number of important and positive developments in our effort to restore marriage to the law, reinvigorate a thriving marriage culture, and set the stage for reversing the illegitimate decision of the US Supreme Court when they ruled to redefine marriage in Obergefell v Hodges.

NOM Co-Sponsors Iowa Family Leadership Issues Forum

I just returned from Ames, Iowa, where NOM co-sponsored the Iowa Family Leadership Summit this past weekend. This was a major event that brought together more than 2,500 top activists in the state to hear from many prominent national figures about issues impacting families. The format of the event involved a featured speaker being interviewed by a prominent media personality. I was interviewed on stage for 20 minutes by national radio talk show host Steve Deace.

Judging from the crowd reaction, which loudly cheered my every denunciation of the illegitimate Supreme Court decision purporting to redefine marriage, these activists strongly agree that the Supreme Court decision must be reversed.

Joining me as speakers were Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Rick Santorum, Senator Lindsey Graham, Governor Mike Huckabee, Governor Scott Walker, Governor Rick Perry, Governor Bobby Jindal, and businessman Donald Trump, among others.

Time and again, when the candidates spoke out against the Supreme Court decision they received loud applause and many even got a standing ovation. Some examples of comments, from reporting by the Des Moines Register:

Former Senator Rick Santorum pledged that he would make saving marriage his top priority as president, saying it is vital the future of the United States and its economy, "Instead of spending our bully pulpit time on global warming, we will spend it on trying to nurture children and raising healthy and happy families."

Governor Mike Huckabee said that one of three things happened regarding President Obama's "evolution" on same-sex 'marriage.' "Obama wasn't being truthful in 2008 about his stance, he's not being truthful now, or the Bible got rewritten and 'he's the only one who got the new version.'"

Governor Rick Perry decried the Supreme Court decision on marriage and pledged he would only appoint solid conservative justices to the Supreme Court. "I don't think we can take any chance of having individuals put on our Supreme Court without them having a clear understanding of their constitutional roles as justices...It is not for them to legislate. It is for them to be a judge."

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called on the next president to issue an executive order similar to one he issued in Louisiana protecting people and businesses from retaliation because of their pro-marriage beliefs. "The government should not be able to fire me, take away my tax status or discriminate against me for being a Christian."

The Family Leadership Summit provided a very significant opportunity to continue to keep marriage before the country and ensure that it remains a prominent factor in public discourse. The US Supreme Court decision purporting to redefine marriage was not only wrong, it was utterly without constitutional authority and thus is illegitimate.

Being able to engage with the more than 2,500 pro-family activists in Iowa was a great opportunity and these activists made it clear that restoring marriage will be a defining issue of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Here is a link to my interview at the Summit.

Major New Nationwide Poll Shows That Americans Turning Against Same-Sex Marriage; Reject Supreme Court Decision

A new national survey conducted by the Associated Press/GfK found that support for same-sex marriage has dropped to only 34%, down six points since April, while opposition is up four points to 34%.

In addition, only 39% of Americans support the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision, while 41% oppose it.

Americans roundly reject the notion advanced by many gay activists that now that the Supreme Court has ruled to redefine marriage, everyone should be compelled to go along with it. The AP/GfK survey found 59% of Americans believe that wedding-related businesses with religious objections should be allowed to refuse service to same-sex couples. Only 39% believe that businesses should be forced to provide wedding services to same-sex couples despite religious objections — an incredible twenty point difference.

Moreover, when conflicts arise, 56% of Americans believe the government should act to protect religious liberty rights, and only 39% of Americans believe the government should protect the rights of gays and lesbians.

This is the latest national survey to show that the US Supreme Court decision imposing same-sex 'marriage' on the nation is causing a collapse of support for redefining marriage. We believe that this trend in public opinion will continue as more and more Americans learn about the many negative consequences that are emerging.

Support for First Amendment Defense Act Grows — Please Attend A Congressional Town Hall To Express your Support

Thanks to many people who have reached out to their federal representatives, support for the First Amendment Defense Act has grown significantly. The House version of the legislation, HR 2802 authored by Rep. Raul Labrador, now has 130 co-sponsors. The Senate version, S. 1598, authored by Sen. Mike Lee, has 36 co-authors. This means that nearly a third of all Members of Congress have put their names behind this legislation — an impressive showing in just a few weeks since its introduction. We expect support to continue to grow.

Congress will be in recess during the month of August and many Representatives and Senators will be conducting town hall forums back home. Please check with your Representative and Senators to see if a town hall is planned, and then attend and ask them to support the First Amendment Defense Act. And don't forget to email me a summary of what your representatives tell you about their position on the legislation.

Reactions to Supreme Court Decision By Bush and Rubio Were Seriously Disappointing

While most of the field of GOP presidential candidates spoke out forcefully and consistently in opposition to the US Supreme Court opinion, two of the candidates — Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio — were disappointingly weak. In an article I wrote for Fox News, I called them on the carpet, noting that conservatives expect their leaders, especially candidates seeking the presidency, to speak out on important issues such as marriage. Sadly, the weak reaction from Bush and Rubio shows they are not ready to fight for the principles conservatives expect and demand of their candidates.

While both Bush and Rubio said they opposed the Court decision, neither could find the courage to expound on their views beyond saying they would appoint better judges to the Supreme Court. The Washington Post called this approach a laissez faire attitude.

When people of faith in this country believe their essential rights to speak about their Biblical views will soon be taken away, the nonchalant attitude of two leading Republican presidential contenders gives cause for serious alarm.

The National Organization for Marriage intends to support a presidential candidate who will be a champion — someone who will aggressively lead the nation on a quest to reverse the illegitimate Court ruling, not someone who shrugs his shoulders and is ready to move on to the next issue.

Truth Overruled: New Book Shreds Supreme Court Ruling

An outstanding new book has been written by NOM friend and ally Ryan Anderson, a scholar with The Heritage Foundation and recipient of NOM's prestigious 2014 "Public Square Leadership Award." Ryan Anderson's book, Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom is a tour de force, setting forth the key reasons why the Supreme Court ruling purporting to redefine marriage was wrong, and laying out many of the consequences that will flow from this illegitimate ruling that has no legal basis in our nation's constitution. The Kindle version of the book is available now, while the printed version will be shipped in August. We urge you to order the book and after you've read it, post a review. Despite a vicious attempt by same-sex marriage Internet trolls who obviously have not read the book, the book is being favorably received by the public and will make a very significant contribution in explaining how wrong the US Supreme Court decision was.

Zombie Judges

The justices who voted to redefine marriage continue to come in for withering criticism for their decision and its utter lack of support in the constitution itself. A recent article penned by prominent legal scholar and commentator Ed Whelan said that "If five U.S. Supreme Court justices can concoct a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage, what else might they impose? Just about anything on the Left's agenda." Whelan noted that Anthony Kennedy and the liberals have taken to simply making up things as part of their belief in a "living constitution" that allows them to shape the country to suit their own values. He noted that another critic compared the idea of a "living constitution" to a "zombie constitution," and Whelan went on to suggest that Kennedy and those who joined his opinion were "zombie judges." The article can be found here.

Please Support NOM

As you can see, NOM is very hard at work implementing our five-point plan to restore marriage and protect marriage supporters until we can reverse the illegitimate ruling of the Supreme Court. We are closely engaging the presidential candidates, working to advance legislation to protect marriage supporters, churches and others from discrimination by government, participating in major forums to promote marriage and organizing at the grassroots level to advance the cause of marriage. We have been very pleased by the response we've received to our efforts. Still, we need to raise over $100,000 to continue our work over the next few weeks. We don't have Hollywood moguls and corporate billionaires funding our work; instead, we rely on support from individuals like you. Please consider making a contribution to NOM at this critical time so that we may continue to fight for you, for the majority of the American people, and for the eternal truth of marriage.


Brian S Brown

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