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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Hopefully by now you have read NOM's five-point plan to protect supporters of traditional marriage from being punished by the government while we work to reverse the illegitimate and outrageous decision of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage.

The first point of our Plan is arguably the most important one — to elect a pro-marriage champion as President of the United States — and we are hard at work to do so. Iowa is key to our strategy.

Please help us ensure that the next president is a pro-marriage champion by making a donation of $10, $20, $50, $100 or $250 or more.

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Iowa is a small state where politicians are expected to actively seek votes through personal campaigning. In 2012, Sen. Rick Santorum won the state in part because he personally campaigned in every one of the 99 counties in Iowa. Because Iowa's citizens are able to approach the candidates directly to ask questions and look them in the eye, the state is the preeminent example of the importance of "retail politics." And since it is the first state in the nation to vote it holds enormous importance in the nominating process.

NOM has thousands of supporters in Iowa with whom we are in communication to ensure that they are actively pressing the candidates on their positions regarding marriage, and asking for specifics of what they would do as president.

That is also the purpose of the Presidential Marriage Pledge that we have asked each Republican candidate for president to sign. The pledge is not just a philosophical statement, but a promise to the American people about specific actions they will take as president to restore marriage in the law and to protect supporters of natural marriage from punishment and retaliation for holding true to marriage.

We're also mobilizing thousands of supporters to sign The People's Marriage Pledge so that the candidates know that the American people have their back when it comes to marriage.

But our plan includes much more, including making a very substantial investment in Iowa to educate voters about which candidates will be pro-marriage champions, and identify those who cannot be counted upon to fight to restore marriage. We are planning on running television, radio, newspaper and online ads across the state and also communicating with voters through direct mail and other means.

We need to raise several hundred thousand dollars to implement our plan in Iowa, and we need your support for this critical undertaking. Can we count on you?

Count on me for a critical donation of $10

Count on me for a critical donation of $20

Count on me for a critical donation of $50

Count on me for a critical donation of $100

Count on me for a critical donation of $250

Another important element in our plan is to rebuild a thriving marriage culture in America through grassroots education and engagement. In that regard, an important new book has been published today that we highly recommend to you. Authored by Ryan Anderson, a great friend of NOM's and a scholar at The Heritage Foundation, the book "Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom" is a tour-de-force examination of the issues in the marriage debate and an enlightening reflection on what is at stake. Please consider purchasing a copy today. And if you agree with us that the book is extraordinary, please write a favorable review. As you might imagine, the "haters" among our opponents are busy trolling the Internet to criticize the book because they realize that it is a powerful, principled witness to the truth of preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Thank you for all you are doing to advance the cause of marriage. We are grateful for your prayers, words of encouragement and of course for your financial support, which is vital to our work.


Brian S Brown

PS — NOM is co-sponsoring a major pro-family forum this coming Saturday in Ames, Iowa. The Family Leadership Summit on July 18th will feature remarks by many prominent conservative leaders including Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Governor Mike Huckabee, Governor Bobby Jindal, Governor Rick Perry, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Rick Santorum, Governor Scott Walker and businessman Donald Trump. I will be appearing as a speaker and look forward to interacting with the 2,500 activists who are expected to attend.

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