All Eyes on the Supreme Court


Dear Marriage Supporter,

The US Supreme Court decision on marriage will come down either tomorrow or Monday. Of course, no matter what the Court does decide, they cannot ever change the truth of marriage. Marriage is not a political institution that can be reshaped to suit a popular ideology. It is an institution with a unique meaning and purpose — to bring the two halves of humanity together to give children the best opportunity to experience the love of both their mother and father. Every civilization since the dawn of time has recognized that this is a universal, foundational truth. Hopefully a majority of Supreme Court justices will as well.

If you live near Washington, DC, please try to come to the steps of the Court to be with us when the decision is rendered. I will be there myself. Plan on arriving Friday morning by 9am. Decisions are issued starting at 10am.

If the decision does not come down on Friday, there will be rally at the Court on Monday morning beginning at 9:00am. Again, the decision will be released at 10:00am eastern time. Please join me there.

Bait & Switch

As we have written about frequently, so much of the movement in support of same-sex 'marriage' has been contrived, the result of deliberate attempts to manipulate public opinion. Polls are constructed in such a way to show outsized support for redefining marriage; the media writes at least five times the number of stories favoring gay 'marriage' than they do stories featuring opposition to it; and the public is constantly bombarded with pro-gay characters on television and in the movies.

The Weekly Standard published an excellent article this week about the "Bait & Switch" approach used by same-sex 'marriage' advocates. Now that these advocates believe they have won the public relations battle with polls showing a majority of Americans are on their side, they are stepping back from their previous assertions — including the view that gays and lesbians are 'born that way' and that redefining marriage won't actually change marriage — because they no longer serve their purposes. If you have a few minutes, it's worth reading the article.

The People's Marriage Pledge

As we've discussed many times, one of the most important things we can do to protect marriage, especially if the Supreme Court decision goes against us, is to elect a strong pro-marriage champion as President of the United States. NOM's Presidential Marriage Pledge asks the candidates to commit to take specific actions as president to protect marriage. The pledge has been distributed to all the Republican candidates for president, and we will begin reporting in the next couple of weeks on who has agreed to sign.

In the meantime, you can act today to advance the cause of marriage in the presidential contest by signing The People's Marriage Pledge. As a signer, you are serving notice that you will only support a candidate who pledges to stand with us to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Unfortunately, many Republican candidates have wealthy donors and consultants whispering in their ears that they should stay away from "divisive" social issues generally, and marriage in particular. By signing The People's Marriage Pledge, you will help us counter the influence of these GOP insiders by showing that the American people at the grassroots level demand a candidate who stands with them in support of marriage.

Support the First Amendment Defense Act

The First Amendment Defense Act (S. 1598, H.R. 2802) is critical legislation pending in Congress that will protect people who believe in the truth of marriage as the union of one man and one woman from being discriminated against by government. The legislation is authored in the US Senate by Sen. Mike Lee and in the House by Rep. Raul Labrador.

If you have not yet contacted your federal representatives urging them to support this critical legislation, please do so today. NOM is working hard with other allies to push this legislation so that people and organizations who support true marriage are not subjected to adverse actions by the government. No person or group should be forced to embrace same-sex 'marriage' or risk being punished if they refuse.

Rally in Rome

You likely didn't read much about this in the media here in the US (because it runs contrary to the narrative they want to advance that "everyone" is now on board with redefining marriage) but there was a huge outpouring of opposition to gay unions recently in Rome, where Italy's Prime Minister is advancing a civil union measure and also advocates the teaching of "gender theory" in schools.

The square where the rally was held holds 300,000 people, and news media representatives say the crowd far exceeded the capacity of the square. Rally organizers estimate that 1 million people attended to show their support for traditional marriage and the natural family.

Backers want us to believe that the movement to redefine marriage enjoys worldwide support and that if we fail to embrace it here in America we will somehow be out of step with other countries. But the truth is that only 19 nations — less than 10% of countries in the world — allow for genderless marriage, and almost all of those are in the west. The rest of the world continues to support protecting marriage because they realize that marriage serves immense societal purposes, and does not exist simply to satisfy the political demands of powerful activists.

We Need Your Help Now More Than Ever

No matter what the US Supreme Court decides, our work in defense of marriage is far from over. Indeed, what we do will take on even great importance as we move into this next "post-Supreme Court" phase of the battle. If we win the Court case, marriage will be on the ballot in countless states as advocates attempt to convince voters to redefine marriage. And if we lose, we have an ambitious game plan ready to mitigate the damage in the short term, and work to reverse the ruling over the longer term.

Please help us continue to fight for the truth of marriage as God designed it

We will be in a new era of the marriage battle by the time you receive our next newsletter. Let us resolve together that no matter what the Court decides, we will never accept an illegitimate decision and we will always fight for what we know to be good and right — that marriage was ordained by God, that it is one man and one woman, and that it is a powerful public good for children, families, and for society as a whole.


Brian S Brown

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