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Dear Marriage Supporter,

I've got big news to announce: NOM has just issued our 2016 Presidential Pledge to all the Republican candidates running for President of the United States.

As you may recall, the NOM Presidential Pledge was extremely influential in the 2012 Republican primary process. Not only did every major Republican candidate sign our pledge, including eventual nominee Mitt Romney, but it forced all the candidates to address the marriage issue during the course of their campaigns for the presidency. NOM spent more than a quarter million dollars promoting our pledge.

We expect our 2016 pledge to play an extremely important role in the selection of the eventual Republican nominee, and we will invest heavily in promoting it. You see, NOM's pledge doesn't just ask the candidates to make some generic statements in support of preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman; it asks them to take specific actions when elected, letting the American people know exactly how they will govern concerning marriage when they are elected.

Let's not kid ourselves. The situation we face in terms of preserving marriage is grave. Federal judges in at least twenty states have acted to redefine marriage, substituting their values for those of the American people. They have ignored the judgement of countless elected officials and over 50 million voters who have cast ballots declaring that marriage must remain the union of one man and one woman. And now, the US Supreme Court is on the precipice of possibly issuing a Roe v Wade type ruling on marriage, one that might impose genderless marriage on every state of our nation.

That is why it is so important that we elect a president in 2016 who is a pro-marriage champion. There is no more important person in the world to promote traditional marriage than the President of the United States. Not only does he have a bully pulpit and the loudest microphone on the planet, but he will likely have the opportunity to appoint at least two new justices to the United States Supreme Court.

Make no mistake about it: NOM's top priority is to elect a marriage champion as president.

Sign The People's Marriage Pledge

In order to ensure that a true champion for marriage emerges from the primary process next year, we've done more than just issue a Presidential Pledge to the candidates. We've launched an extremely exciting new project to involve the American people in pledging their own support for preserving marriage by declaring they will only support a candidate for president (and other federal offices), who is committed to taking concrete action supporting marriage.

Here is what The People's Marriage Pledge declares:

I pledge that I will only support a candidate for President of the United States who has pledged to take specific actions to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This includes:

  • Supporting a federal marriage amendment protecting marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
  • Opposing and working to overturn any Supreme Court ruling that illegitimately finds a constitutional “right” to redefine marriage.
  • Nominating to the US Supreme Court and federal bench judges who are committed to restraint and applying the original meaning of the Constitution, and appointing an attorney general similarly committed.
  • Conducting a review of regulatory, administrative and executive actions taken by the Obama Administration that have the effect of undermining marriage and work to restore our policies to be consistent with the proper understanding of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Consistent with this, prevent the promotion of a redefined version of marriage in public schools and other government entities.
  • Supporting federal legislation that recognizes the right of organizations and individuals to act in the public square consistent with their beliefs about marriage without fear of retaliation from the federal government.
  • Directing the Department of Justice to investigate, document and publicize cases of Americans who have been harassed or threatened for exercising key civil rights to organize, to speak, to donate or to vote for marriage and to propose new protections, if needed.
  • I also pledge to support only those candidates for federal office who have taken positions consistent with the above policies.

Will you sign The People's Marriage Pledge? This is an absolutely critical step in ensuring that the next President of the United States is a true champion for marriage.

Sign The People's Marriage Pledge

Just think about what a disaster Barack Obama has been as president. This is a guy who lied through his teeth in 2008 when he claimed to be a supporter of traditional marriage. We've since seen the real Barack Obama — a man who is totally beholden to gay activists and who has completely embraced their agenda.

It's important enough to have a pro-marriage president if only to reverse the disastrous policies of the Obama administration, including pressing same-sex 'marriage' at every instance and even making support for it a decision point on whether America will offer a foreign nation aid. But with the real likelihood that the next president will end up appointing several new justices to the US Supreme Court, this becomes a potentially life and death matter for marriage.

You see, no matter what the US Supreme Court decides on marriage later this month, it will almost certainly be a 5-4 decision. So you can see how appointing two new justices to the court gives the next president the ability to either cement a ruling, or reverse it.

By signing The People's Marriage Pledge, you will become a critical ambassador in the presidential contest for the truth of marriage. You will have the opportunity to influence whatever candidate you prefer to sign NOM's Presidential Pledge, which mirrors exactly the elements contained in the pledge that you have signed.

Please don't delay — sign The People's Marriage Pledge immediately. Then forward it to all your friends, family and contacts and ask them to do so as well.

This is a great opportunity to go on offense and to shape the course of the marriage movement going forward. Please sign The People's Marriage Pledge today.


Brian S Brown

PS — Please don't set this email aside thinking that you will come back to it to sign The People's Marriage Pledge. Far too often good intentions like that amount to nothing. Sign The People's Marriage Pledge right now.

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One more thing: it costs us a great deal of money to undertake a project like this, advancing The Presidential Marriage Pledge to the candidates running for president, and giving the American people the ability to ensure we have a pro-marriage champion become elected president next fall. Please consider making a much needed financial gift to NOM today.

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