Another Consequence of Same-Sex Marriage


For many years, advocates of same-sex marriage have insisted that their actions pursuant to redefining marriage will not result in polygamy. However, once marriage policy is changed from one based on the interests of children to one that serves the sexual desires of adults, there is no principled basis remaining to prevent polygamy.

ThinkstockPhotos-170219851Lo and behold, here comes a new app that not only makes it easier for people to violate their marriage vows, but also adopts the mantra “monogamy is monotonous.” This is what happens when the focus of the institution changes from what is best for children to the desires of adults.

As reported by Christian News:

A new dating app launched last month to provide a means for Americans to be “liberated from the confines of conventional, old-fashioned, repressed ways of loving” and engage in relationships with multiple partners.

OpenMinded was launched by Brandon Wade for those seeking more than an exclusive relationship with just one person. According to reports, over 700,000 people have used the site since its inception.

It describes itself as being geared toward those who are “open to modern configurations of romantic and sexual relationships” and “open to meeting people of different relationship configurations, romantic ideologies, sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.”

But not everyone is thrilled about the idea.

“What humans need and want more than anything else is to know that the one person that promised to love you forever will be faithful,” one commenter identified as Blue Orion wrote. “Betrayal of this trust brings only pain and heartache, not some new wonderful level of human experience. … Self seeking at the expense of another is destructive.”

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