Principle Before Policy: The Stronger Argument


ThinkstockPhotos-484900357The transgender movement has been gliding through with almost no opposition for a while now, and the reason for that is because many democrats have stood by it on principle. They have made it to a non-negotiable issue, instead of arguing for it on policy. Furthermore, the main reason for the rise in the transgender movement is an almost complete lack of resistance from republicans. Sean Fieler from The Daily Signal, Chairman of American Principles Project and a long-time supporter of NOM, expounds on this in detail:

The rapidly growing acceptance of the previously marginal idea that underlies the transgender moment was only made possible by the Republican decision to opt out of this debate entirely.

Almost without exception, Republicans have chosen to ignore the underlying principle and logic of the LGBT movement, confident that they could win this political debate on other grounds. In retrospect, this one decision laid the groundwork for the stunning series of defeats Republicans have suffered on issues of human sexuality over the past dozen years.

Ironically, the transgender moment proves what was once a conservative insight—ideas matter. For, neither inertia, nor electoral victory, has protected Republicans from the sweeping changes entailed in the LGBT agenda. Worse still, having failed to engage at the level of principle for so long, Republicans have lost not just the debate but also the will to engage.

The decision by many republicans to not make a stand on the transgender debate will continue to wear down any of their agendas, making the resistance weaker. Instead of standing against an idea, they should be standing for an ideal:

To successfully advance this argument without appearing to oppose a small, troubled minority, Republicans will need to articulate the principle for which they stand, not just the one they oppose. Having already repeatedly affirmed that our rights come from God, not the state, Republicans are starting in the right place. They need only add the logical corollary that if we recast ourselves in a way that denies either our human nature or our Creator, we undermine the very basis of the rights we cherish and defend.

Pope Benedict put it best, “When the freedom to be creative becomes the freedom to create oneself, then necessarily the Maker himself is denied and ultimately man too is stripped of his dignity as a creature of God … ”

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