More Good News!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I just wanted to follow up on my email yesterday with another quick note about some more good news coming out of Iowa.

American Future Project launched a new ad in Iowa featuring Governor Bobby Jindal speaking about the importance of stepping up and defending religious liberty!

You can watch the full ad here.

Governor Jindal

Things are moving and we are gaining momentum! As I mentioned yesterday, NOM is working hard to raise the profile of the marriage issue in the coming presidential race. And, as you can see, it's working!

The recent statements by Senator Cruz, Governor Walker, Governor Bush and now by Governor Jindal about marriage and religious liberty are adding to the momentum we've been able to create through the incredibly successful March for Marriage, the oral arguments at the Supreme Court and our work on the ground in key presidential states such as Iowa.

Won't you please help us build on this momentum and advance our plans to defend marriage by renewing your membership for the next year with a generous donation today?

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Remember, every dollar you donate will be matched, dollar-for-dollar by another generous donor!

Thank you so much for standing with NOM to defend marriage and religious liberty!


Brian S Brown

PS — Right now is the time to stand up and defend marriage! We have an opportunity to raise the profile of the marriage issue and the inherent threats to religious liberty that redefining it presents before the Supreme Court issues its decision. And any donation you make will be matched, dollar-for-dollar by a generous donor. Please help us step up and defend marriage at this critical time by making a special gift today. Thank you.

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