A Fresh Breeze Is Blowing


Dear Marriage Supporter,

What a difference a few days can make. There's a new breeze blowing and it sure is refreshing.

First, NOM was able to bring an estimated 15,000 people to Washington DC this past Saturday for the March for Marriage, where we loudly and proudly demonstrated to the justices of the Supreme Court, the media and opinion leaders that the American people continue to support marriage and they expect their votes and values to be respected.

Then yesterday at the Supreme Court the call for marriage to be redefined — something that we have repeatedly been told is inevitable — sputtered and fell flat.

A few days ago all we were hearing was that it was a certainty that the Supreme Court would redefine marriage. Now even the left is being forced to admit that they may lose because Justice Anthony Kennedy, the swing vote, expressed grave concerns about changing an institution that has existed for millennia on the pretext that "we know better" than the judgment of every civilization for thousands of years.

I don't know if we're going to win before the US Supreme Court, but we certainly have a fighting chance.

What I do know is that the work we at NOM have done with the March for Marriage and everything leading up to the oral arguments yesterday has made a tremendous difference. And I know that our efforts over the next two months may be the most important work we will ever undertake.

You see, the Supreme Court is expected to issue their decision in Obergefell v Hodges — the case where gay activists are seeking to have laws defining marriage as one man and one woman declared unconstitutional — at the end of June. Between now and then, it is imperative that the justices and the media hear from us loudly and regularly on behalf of the American people that we expect them to uphold our votes for marriage and the right of voters and legislators to preserve marriage. They need to know that any decision purporting to redefine marriage will be seen as judicial activism and be considered illegitimate.

We have a lot on our plate right now, and unfortunately few resources with which to conduct our work. You see, with everything that we have thrown into the fight for marriage — between the March for Marriage, the Supreme Court fight and our tireless efforts to communicate the truth of marriage through the media — our coffers are empty.

Marriage Supporter, this is why I have to ask you for a financial contribution at this pivotal time. We've come so far, but the next two months is critical to the fight.

Won't you please recommit to the fight to defend marriage at this pivotal juncture by making a generous donation to NOM today?

We have an incredible amount of work to do in the next two months... preparing for the pending decision by the Supreme Court; launching a nationwide effort to pass legislation to protect people from having to participate in same-sex 'weddings' in states that have redefined marriage (or in the event that the Supreme Court redefines marriage in every state); preparing a new grassroots educational effort we have been developing to help teach people the importance of marriage to society and especially children; pushing a federal constitutional amendment to preserve marriage; working with allies in support of religious liberty legislation; and preparing to make support for marriage a key factor in next year's presidential race.

As I have always said, no politician or judge — not even the US Supreme Court — has the power to redefine marriage. Marriage was created by God at the dawn of Creation to bring the two halves of humanity together for their benefit and to provide the ideal environment for any children born of their union. Marriage is a universal truth and if the marriage movement experiences a Roe type of ruling, then just like the pro-life movement we will pursue the long path to reversing such a ruling. Win or lose before the Supreme Court, we will always fight for marriage.

But clearly and unmistakably, we have a chance to win before the Supreme Court and the next two months could make all the difference.

As people of faith, we were made for times just like these. Won't you please consider renewing your support today with a generous donation?

There is a fresh breeze blowing, my friend. Let's together build on our hard-won momentum and press on to victory.


Brian S Brown

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