Dear Marriage Supporter,

I just got off the phone with NOM's Chairman, Constitutional Law professor John Eastman, who attended the oral arguments in the Supreme Court this morning.

I have to say, I was encouraged by what he had to say and by the reports coming out of the court this morning!

No doubt, the mainstream media is going to serve up slanted reporting that we're inevitably going to get a ruling establishing a Constitutional right to same-sex 'marriage' in the coming months. Don't be fooled!

The questioning by the justices was extremely encouraging because it focused on what marriage actually is and shows that the justices realize that marriage has existed for and served society well.

Justice Kennedy in particular — likely the swing vote in deciding this case — seemed concerned over nine individuals taking action to overturn something that has existed for millennia. But multiple justices seemed very much in favor of society organically debating the issue and the people determining for themselves the correct course forward with regards to marriage.

Of course, nobody can safely predict the outcome of a case like this — let alone on the basis of oral arguments. And let me make a point I've made before: no court or government has the power to redefine marriage. Marriage has existed before government — it was ordained by God at the Creation of the world — and the Supreme Court cannot redefine it.

Still, what we heard today is encouraging. For months we've endured a barrage of claims that it is "inevitable" that the Supreme Court will issue a ruling imposing same-sex 'marriage' on the entire nation. Yet today's questioning from the justices themselves makes clear nothing is inevitable.

In fact, it was very clear that the justices hearing arguments today understand what's at stake — that this case is about potentially upending an institution that has served society well for millennia. I am encouraged that they will find that the constitution does not prohibit states making laws defending marriage as the union of one man and one woman. And in so doing, they will restore to the people the power to decide the issue of marriage.

A copy of our press release is here.


Brian S Brown

PS: In a few days the justices will hold a conference and decide how they will rule, an opinion that is expected to be issued at the end of June. Please pray daily that they reach the right decision and find that traditional marriage laws are not unconstitutional.

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