Dear Marriage Supporter,

Incredible. That's what NOM's supporters are.

The outpouring of support in the past few days to help fund buses for the March for Marriage has been magnificent.

Thank you to everyone who has joined our matching gift campaign and donated... we've raised $90,000 toward out overall goal of $100,000!

Please, if you haven't yet given — or if God has blessed you with the means to give again — please consider making a generous donation to help us bring as many people to the March for Marriage as possible.

I'll sponsor a bus full of marriage supporters to come for the March for $2,000.

I'll sponsor half a bus to come to the March for $1,000.

I'll sponsor a quarter of a bus to come for $500.

I'll sponsor three supporters to come to the March for $120.

I'll sponsor one supporter to come to the March for $40.

I'll make a donation of another amount.

Everything we raise in the next 2 days will be going straight to funding more buses. If we raise an additional $100,000, we'll be bringing 50 more buses to the March!

Can you imagine the scene in Washington DC? Just picture in your mind the sight of thousands upon thousands of marriage supporters from every walk of life and conceivable background — Catholics, Evangelicals and Mormons... African-American, Latino, Asian and Caucasian... young and old... married and single — so many dedicated and passionate supporters of marriage gathering for a single purpose: to let the Supreme Court and the powerbrokers in our nation's capital know that the American people don't want marriage redefined!

Can I count on you to help make that happen?

Simply click here to make a fully tax-deductible donation of any amount in support of the March.

God bless you for defending marriage.


Brian S Brown

All or part of your gift to the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization, may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please check with your tax advisor. No goods or services were received in exchange for this contribution.
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