Metropolitan Joseph's Letter in Support of the March For Marriage


In a letter to the Antiochian Archdiocese, His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph encourages his members to participate in the upcoming March for Marriage on April 25th in Washington D.C. We here at NOM greatly appreciate the letter of encouragement, because it so eloquently describes why this year’s march is so critical. 

March for Marriage 2015 LogoThe march is a peaceful rally and quite comparable to the March for Life. We ask that you would make every effort to attend the rally, and encourage others to do likewise. A strong, vibrant, and clear message is needed from our Church on the matter of the Mystery of Holy Matrimony, as well as an enumeration upon God blessed sexuality and gender roles, toward the strengthening of family life. This action is necessary in order to dispel confusion which has been stirred up by our secular culture. Such an effort would be blessed by God to the building up of our faith in the hearts of our Orthodox people. This is what our nation's people need to see.

April 25th is an important date for the March for Marriage because it will fall within days of when the Supreme Court is expected to hear oral arguments on the cases before them that will decide the national legal status of civil same-sex "marriage." We are clearly on the cusp of a historic Supreme Court decision that could mark a powerful affirmation of marriage between one man and one woman, upon which all major civilizations have flourished – or, it can initiate a direction which the Holy Orthodox Church can never embrace.

We look forward to having such dedicated marriage defenders at the March for Marriage. For those who cannot make it to D.C., please show your support via our Virtual March.

It is exactly as Archbishop Joseph described: this march is critical. Attendance at this march will send a resonating message to our political leaders, letting them know that we, the people, want marriage to remain as it has always been: a unique union between one man and one woman.

Read the full letter here.

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