Fight Back Against The Intolerance!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

I wrote to you last week to tell you about the fight for religious liberty in the state of Indiana.

Under intense pressure from the media, corporations and the gay 'marriage' lobby, Indiana eventually rolled back their religious protection law with a "fix" to the legislation that isn't a fix at all, but a capitulation to the gay 'marriage' lobby at the expense of religious liberty.

While we are disappointed in Governor Mike Pence and the Republican-led Legislature for not having the courage of their convictions, it was big business that threw the rights of people of faith under the bus. Companies like Angie's List took the lead in these efforts, demonstrating an unbelievably intolerant and hostile position toward the freedom of religion and people of faith.

Well, apparently, they aren't even satisfied with this "fix."

Angie's List CEO Bill Oesterle said on television late last week: "Our position is that this 'fix' is insufficient. There was no repeal of RFRA and no end to discrimination of homosexuals in Indiana."

Of course, it's patently false that discrimination against homosexuals is legal in Indiana.

More to the point... it's leading people away from the truth: that people of faith are the ones being discriminated against and their religious freedom to live and run their businesses in keeping with their faith is under violent and extreme assault!

Marriage Supporter, we have to send the business community and especially Angie's List a message: threaten religious freedom at your own risk! We are calling on Americans to Dump Angie!

Please take a moment to take action today:

1. If you haven't done so already, please go to and sign our petition — whether you have an account on Angie's List or not. And if you have an Angie's List account, we're asking that you cancel it and let the company know that you are doing so because they oppose religious liberty (detailed instructions on how to do this are at the end of this email).

2. Forward this email to family and friends using the buttons below (or by simply forwarding them this email).

We have to make clear to big businesses that we will not be bullied. We have a chance to show the power of people of faith working together. This is your chance to do something for religious liberty and marriage. Let's do this together!


Brian S Brown

PS: As I mentioned yesterday, we have received an extension of our matching gift through April 25 along with a pledge of $50,000 additional dollars in matching funds. That means anything you give will continue to be matched dollar-for-dollar by another generous donor up until the 2015 March for Marriage. The timing couldn't be better, as we are getting flooded with requests to help fund buses to allow people to attend the march — particularly from Churches serving minority communities in less affluent areas of the country. Won't you please help these communities out by making a donation today to help us subsidize bus transportation to bring hundreds and thousands of additional marriage supporters to the March?

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