Thank Governor Pence for Defending Religious Freedom!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Last week, the Indiana legislature passed and Governor Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), joining a long list of states that have passed this common sense legislation, which mirrors the federal RFRA law passed with near-unanimous support from Congress in 1993 and signed into law by President Clinton.

The law simply reiterates citizens' constitutional rights to the free exercise of religion and proposes that the government only be allowed to inhibit it if they can demonstrate a compelling government interest and do so in the least restrictive means possible.

Yet, the same-sex 'marriage' lobby is running around spreading outright lies — parroted by the media — that this very limited and common sense legislation amounts to a license to discriminate and persecute homosexuals.

Governor Pence and the brave legislators of the state of Indiana are in the crosshairs of the gay 'marriage' lobby for standing up for our religious freedoms.

Please take a moment to send Governor Pence an email thanking him and his colleagues in the state legislature for their courage in defending our precious religious liberties.

RFRA, of course, does not grant anyone the right to "discriminate" or deny service to anyone. All the law does is articulate that religious freedom is a factor to be weighed in making court decisions about the common good, that the government must show good cause in restricting someone's free exercise of religion.

Please take a moment to take action and thank Governor Pence for defending our precious religious freedoms and standing up to the intolerant bullies trying to impose their radical marriage redefinition agenda on you and me.

And once you've taken action, please forward this email to family and friends using the sharing buttons below, asking them to do the same.


Brian S Brown

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Finally: The text of the law itself

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