Dear Marriage Supporter,

Another week, another series of news providing more evidence about the many negative consequences when marriage is redefined...

Because marriage is a public institution — tied closely to the wellbeing of both couples and children — changing its definition (and consequently, what the government promotes in society) necessarily has consequences.

It's an obvious point, but one that proponents of redefining marriage refuse to accept.

Let's look at this week's evidence.

Heather Has Two Mommies, But Wanted a Dad

A wonderful, stunning article by Heather Barwick chronicling her life as the daughter of a lesbian couple brings up several extremely interesting points.

Foremost among them is something we have been saying for years: no mother can be a father and no father can be a mother. Men and women are different and bring different qualities to parenting — they are not interchangeable. Men and women are complementary and the union of the two is the very basis of marriage — it is what marriage is — and provides the best environment for raising children who need the unique qualities of both.

No matter how loving and committed a parent, a woman cannot be a father... and a man cannot be a mother.

Depriving a child of a mother of a father is inherent in redefining marriage to include same-sex couples... it intentionally does so.

And, as Heather points out, that is causing a burden on children.

Which leads to another interesting facet of the article — the fact that those pushing for redefining marriage refuse to allow any discussion of the issue. She points out:

Kids of divorced parents are allowed to say, "Hey, mom and dad, I love you, but the divorce crushed me and has been so hard. It shattered my trust and made me feel like it was my fault. It is so hard living in two different houses." Kids of adoption are allowed to say, "Hey, adoptive parents, I love you. But this is really hard for me. I suffer because my relationship with my first parents was broken. I'm confused and I miss them even though I've never met them."

But children of same-sex parents haven't been given the same voice. It's not just me. There are so many of us. Many of us are too scared to speak up and tell you about our hurt and pain, because for whatever reason it feels like you're not listening. That you don't want to hear. If we say we are hurting because we were raised by same-sex parents, we are either ignored or labeled a hater.

But there MUST be a discussion of this critical issue, which impacts children and the future of society so profoundly.

What Happens When We Try to Discuss It?

And what happens when people who defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman aren't engaged in discussion but simply labeled a "hater?"

Just look at Patricia Jannuzzi, a teacher at Immaculata High School in New Jersey, who is coming under intense fire for voicing her opinions about the true nature of marriage on her Facebook page. She responded to a post about the incredibly vulgar, gay rights activist Dan Savage's comments about Dr. Benjamin Carson.

Her comments were strong and clearly her own opinion ... and also completely in keeping with the Catholic Church's teachings about marriage and family.

Yet, immediately after posting her comments, she was targeted by those who want to redefine marriage at all costs, and became the victim of a petition asking for her termination and for the school to implement a "school-wide Stop Hate Speech awareness day and sensitivity training for students and teachers."

If you haven't done so already, please click here to add your name to NOM's petition defending Ms. Jannuzzi.

But this is exactly what happens when marriage is redefined and subsequent discussion is shut down because of the supposed moral superiority of the radical left. Disagreement is met with a "might makes right" attitude and dissent is not permitted.

Even when the person in question is a Catholic... teaching in a Catholic school... and speaking in a manner that is utterly consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Not All In The Gay Community Are On Board With Redefining Marriage

Another astonishing piece came out of Europe this week, where fashion design icons Dolce & Gabanna have again spoken out saying that "the only family is the traditional one."

They go on:

'The only family is the traditional one,' they said. '... life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed.'

'You're born and there is a father and a mother. Or at least it should be. So I am not convinced that I call children of chemistry, synthetic children.

'Procreation must be an act of love. Today even psychiatrists are ready to face the effects of these experiments.'


'I am gay, I cannot have a child. I guess you cannot have everything in life,' he said.

'Life has a natural course, some things cannot be changed. One is the family.'

What makes this so compelling is the fact that these two men are themselves homosexual. They were, in fact, in a longstanding relationship with each other until they broke up in 2005.

Not surprisingly, rather than provoking an open and honest discussion about what's best for children, as if on cue those who want to redefine marriage launched a vicious celebrity-led counter-attack that just as predictably forced the designers to reassure people that they are not haters, "We love gay couple. We are gay. We love gay adoption. We love everything."

The apparent retreat was completely predictable. It is the fashion industry after all.

Standing Up In Defense of Marriage

Some are standing up boldly for marriage despite the attacks and backlash from the intolerant proponents of redefining marriage.

One example is a group in Alabama, organized under the banner "Sanctity of Marriage, Alabama."

They have already organized a couple of rallies — one in defense of marriage and one in defense of Chief Justice Ray Moore. You can see video of the first here, and the second here.

These marriage heroes could have sat back and said, 'well, the Federal Courts have ruled and we're stuck with the result...' or 'well, the Supreme Court is going to rule in a couple of months, so we'll just wait...' — but they didn't!

They organized and took immediate action in defense of marriage and the sovereign laws of their state. I'd encourage everyone across the country to do the same.

Join Us In Standing For Marriage

Just a couple of quick reminders for you in closing...

First, the 2015 March for Marriage is the best opportunity to show the justices of the Supreme Court — immediately before they hear oral arguments in a case that could determine the legal future of marriage in American for years to come — that the American people believe in the good of marriage and want our laws to defend it.

Taking place on April 25, 2015 in Area 15 of the Capitol Grounds — right in front of the Capitol Reflecting Pool off of Third Street in Washington, DC — NOM will be gathering thousands of marriage supporters from all across the country to deliver that message in the most dramatic and powerful manner possible!

Please mark your calendar to join us in Washington, DC, if possible. And if you aren't able to join us, please keep an eye out for our forthcoming announcement about the Virtual March for Marriage, which should only add to the number of marriage supporters able to participate in and support the March.

And, if you are able, please consider making a financial contribution in support of the March. Your gift will be fully tax-deductible and matched dollar-for-dollar by another generous donor.

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