Take Action Now To Defend Religious Liberty!


Dear Marriage Supporter,

Two elected officials are boldly standing up for the precious religious liberties of all Americans.

Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) have introduced the 2015 Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act in the US House and Senate.

This common sense legislation protects faith-based agencies from discrimination and punitive measures by governments who are ideologically opposed to the tenets of their faith — as has been seen repeatedly in locations that have redefined marriage.

Please click here to send your Congressman and Senators an email asking them to co-sponsor and support this critical legislation!

We have seen faith based agencies be forced to shut down because they won't abandon their faith's basic teachings on marriage. Catholic Charities' adoption services in Massachusetts and Washington DC were forced out of business because they wouldn't acquiesce to government demands that they recognize same-sex unions as marriages in their placement of children. Any organization that believes as we do that children are entitled to a mother and a father will be targeted for harassment and punishment unless this important legislation is adopted.

Marriage Supporter, this is a horrific violation of our religious liberties and does a tremendous disservice to vulnerable children. The first amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

And yet, faith based organizations trying to exercise their charitable convictions are being punished for refusing to recognize same-sex relationships as 'marriages' and exercising their discretion on placing children with couples who are best suited in their judgment for their upbringing.

Please stand up and help these two elected officials in their efforts to defend our religious liberties and help vulnerable children by sending your Congressman and Senators an email right away asking for their support of this critical and common sense legislation.


Brian S Brown

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