The "Throuple" Has Arrived


Dear Marriage Supporter,

"Love is love, after all."

That's the rationale offered by one of three gay men who were all married to each other on Valentine's Day in Thailand. You can read the story here.

And — least people scoff and think that this is happening a world away — you can read about Massachusetts' first lesbian "throuple" and their anticipated first child here.

Love is love, the left is fond of saying. When you get right down to it, that is really the only rationale offered for redefining marriage — they say that redefining marriage is just about allowing people who love each other to come together and celebrate their love. Disallowing that is discrimination against those who simply love differently.

Except it's not. Marriage is so much more than merely a relationship of love.

Marriage is an institution that serves to bind the complementary halves of humanity — male and female — in a publicly declared relationship that is designed to be stable, permanent, exclusive and faithful. Why? Because men and women coming together in holy matrimony offers the potential for children... and children are why the government is interested in marriage in the first place.

Marriage is the only social institution we have that ties biological fathers to any offspring they produce. Take that away by removing the complementary spousal aspect and you send the undeniable message that fathers (and mothers, for that matter) are optional. Our co-founder Maggie Gallagher often noted that whenever a child is born, a mother will be nearby, but not always so for a father. In a society already suffering from — as President Obama has admitted — a "crisis of fatherlessness" we will undeniably see the social costs associated with redefining marriage.

Redefining marriage to allow same-sex couples to 'marry' fundamentally shifts the purpose of marriage in society. Suddenly, marriage becomes an institution centered about the satisfaction and fulfillment of adult desires and needs rather than promoting a stable and secure environment for children.

I have done countless interviews over the years and debated numerous proponents of redefined marriage. And in almost every one, I ask the basic question: if the complementarity of men and women are denied as an essential element of marriage, what is the basis for limiting marriage to two people?

I haven't ever received a credible answer.

And, as you and I can see from the stories linked above, redefined marriage — or, perhaps more accurately, completely undefined marriage — inevitably leads to the abandonment of every other facet of marriage we hold dear.

If you doubt this at all, just look to the state of Utah, where a federal judge struck down part of that state's anti-polygamy laws just six months ago. The basis for the decision? A 14th amendment, equal protection argument nearly identical to that used across the country in legal cases pertaining to redefining marriage. Apparently the judge didn't bother to consult his history, because Utah's admission to the union was predicated on its abolishment of polygamy and its adherence to marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

BREAKING NEWS: Alabama Supreme Court Defies Federal Judge, Orders State Officials to Cease Issuing Illegal Marriage Licenses

As we have been saying for months, lower federal judges do NOT have the authority to order a state to redefine marriage. Those judges are bound by binding US Supreme Court precedent which in Baker v Nelson held that state laws defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman do not violate the US Constitution. That is why we have praised Alabama Supreme Court Justice Ray Moore for his tenacious defense of the people of Alabama who voted overwhelmingly to preserve traditional marriage in their state constitution. Now the entire state Supreme Court has weighed in to defend Alabama's marriage amendment.

The state's highest court ruled 7-1 on Tuesday that state and local officials must cease issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in violation of the state's law.

This is exactly the right response that states should take, and we strongly urge every state that has had its marriage law invalidated to explore their options to resist, just as the Supreme Court of Alabama has done.

Heroes Will Rise

In the face of adversity, heroes will rise. One such person is Ms. Barronelle Stutzman in Washington state — a 70-year old grandmother and floral artist currently being sued by the state's Attorney General, Bob Ferguson.

You see, AG Ferguson believes that the first amendment confers the right to believe whatever people want, but NOT to act in concert with those beliefs. In other words, freedom of religion is confined to the walls of one's church or one's own mind and heart – but does NOT extent to public life in our society.

After making clear that he would consider destroying Ms. Stutzman by taking her business and all her personal assets, AG Ferguson recently offered a "settlement" to Ms. Stutzman: pay a fine and renounce your religious freedom. Some settlement! But please take a moment to read Ms. Stutzman's inspired letter in response to this absurd "offer."

God bless you, Ms. Stutzman, for refusing to give in or give up in the fight to defend our first and most precious liberty!

You can watch a wonderful video put together by our friends at the Alliance Defending Freedom (who are representing Ms. Stutzman in court) summarizing the case.

You Too Can Become A Hero

What can you do to stand up and defend marriage and religious liberty like the Alabama State Supreme Court and Ms. Stutzman?

Join NOM and our coalition of partners this April 25th for the 2015 March for Marriage in Washington, DC! Join thousands of your fellow Americans in standing up for marriage and religious liberty and delivering a powerful message to the Supreme Court and other powerbrokers in our nation's capital: marriage is the union of one man and one woman because children need a mother and a father!

Rally with us before the US Capitol building and march with us to the Supreme Court to demand that the US Supreme Court uphold the right of states to preserve marriage. This case could prove to be the Roe v Wade of marriage, or it could be our greatest legal victory yet. We urge you to do everything you can to help us show that the American people demand that their votes and their values be respected.

And, right now, you can step up and make an incredible impact by making a fully tax-deductible donation support the March. A generous supporter has pledged to match every gift NOM receives in support of the March dollar-for-dollar — doubling the impact of your gift!

Right now we organizing speakers and arranging their travel; securing permits and signing contracts for the onsite logistics; preparing the media and advertising campaigns to let people know about this incredibly important event; and securing buses to bring people from further away to our nation's capital.

Marriage Supporter, I need your financial assistance right away to make the 2015 March for Marriage a success. Won't you please stand with us by making a generous donation today?

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Marriage is under a historically unprecedented attack. Now is the time to stand up and defend it! We have a chance to win the greatest victory in defense of marriage this country has ever seen and change the course of future generations for the better. I hope you can stand with us and be a part of this historic undertaking.


Brian S Brown

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