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Dear Marriage Supporter,

In Arkansas, two courageous state legislators, Rep. Ballinger and Sen. Hester, have introduced HB1228, the Conscience Protection Act, in the Arkansas state assembly.

HB1228 is almost identical to religious freedom legislation passed in 20 states. Alabamans even went so far as to write the language into their state constitution in 1998.

Additionally, most states that do not have a religious freedom protection law on the books have a court ruling of some sort protecting religious freedom. Arkansas is one of only 11 states without a state law or court ruling affirming the free exercise of religion.

But, despite the simple, common sense nature of this legislation, it's already facing tremendous opposition.

The legislators of the state of Arkansas need to hear from you right away... ask them to support HB 1228 and protect the individual conscience rights and religious liberties of the people of Arkansas.

The consequences of this legislation passing or not will be felt nationwide... as same-sex 'marriage' activists become increasingly emboldened by activist judges, they won't stop pushing their agenda until everyone who conscientiously objects to their vision of a radically altered America is silenced.

Please, call the Arkansas Senate at (501) 682-2902 and let one of the state Senators know that the Conscience Protection Act enjoys support from all across America.

  • Sen. Bart Hester
  • Sen. Jim Hendren
  • Sen. Cecile Bledsoe
  • Sen. Uvalde Lindsey
  • Sen. Bryan King
  • Sen. Gary Stubblefield
  • Sen. Jon Woods
  • Sen. Jake Files
  • Sen. Terry Rice
  • Sen. Larry Teague
  • Sen. Jimmy Hickey
  • Sen. Bruce Maloch
  • Sen. Alan Clark
  • Sen. Bill Sample
  • Sen. David Sanders
  • Sen. Scott Flippo
  • Sen. Missy Irvin
  • Sen. Linda Collins-Smith
  • Sen. Blake Johnson
  • Sen. John Cooper
  • Sen. David Burnett
  • Sen. Ronald Caldwell
  • Sen. Keith Ingram
  • Sen. Stephanie Flowers
  • Sen. Eddie Cheatham
  • Sen. Bobby Pierce
  • Sen. Jonathan Dismang
  • Sen. Eddie Joe Williams
  • Sen. Linda Chesterfield
  • Sen. Joyce Elliott
  • Sen. David Johnson
  • Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson
  • Sen. Jane English
  • Sen. Jason Rapert

And then, please call the Governor's office at (501) 682-2345, and let Governor Hutchinson know the same.

Please take a moment to make a couple of phone calls and help advance this critical legislation.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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