Congress Must Send a Message

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The D.C. City Council is at it again. This time, they've passed two egregiously intrusive and offensive pieces of legislation which, if they were to take effect, would severely curtail the first amendment rights of individuals and organizations within the district who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman and in the sanctity of unborn life.

Fortunately, laws of this nature passed by the Council must be reviewed by Congress, and Congress has the authority to disapprove the action and stop it from becoming law. Click here to urge Congress to protect our first freedoms in the District of Columbia and to send a message nationwide that laws curtailing our freedoms of religion, speech, and assembly will not be allowed to stand in this nation founded on such liberties!

The first of the two new bills, recently signed by the Mayor of D.C. and set to take effect unless Congress acts, is the misleadingly-named Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act of 2014. Among the many concerns with this act is that it could be used to require religious institutions, pro-life advocacy organizations, and faith-based employers to subsidize elective abortions through their employer-provided healthcare plans!

The second bill is equally insidious. The Human Rights Amendment Act of 2014 would require religiously affiliated educational institutions to provide for the communication to their students of messages about human sexuality that run directly counter to those organizations' deeply held beliefs!

Marriage Supporter, this is simply outrageous. Click here right away to tell Congress to use its power to ensure that these horrendous bills never become law.

This is about more than just the District of Columbia. Congress needs to use this moment to send a message and to lead the nation and give state and local legislatures notice: the first freedoms are not to be abridged to suit radical special interests or serve the ends of political correctness and popularity.

Religious freedom, along with the freedoms and assembly and expression, stands at the foundation of our Republic. These freedoms are, in a very real way, the reason for why America exists in the first place. We cannot allow the slow chipping away at these basic liberties that has been going on around the country to continue.

Please take a moment, after you take action today, to share this important message with your family and friends. We need to remain vigilant in defense of marriage and our first freedoms, which our constitution is supposed to guarantee from usurpation by governmental entities like the DC Council. Thank you.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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