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Dear Marriage Supporter,

The mask is off... supporters of same-sex "marriage" are now actually cheering at the idea of firing someone for their faith.

Fire Chief Cochran

As you well know, Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran in Atlanta published a book about his faith standing up for the biblical teachings on biblical manhood that discussed Christian teaching on marriage and sexuality and he was fired by Mayor Kasim Reed.

Now Mayor Reed is trying to maintain that he was not fired for his faith but because he did not ask for permission to publish the book from the ethics board (untrue) and spoke about it publicly while an investigation was proceeding (again, untrue) and distributed it freely to employees (again, untrue).

Yesterday, the New York Times got into the act peddling these lies and others in its monstrosity of an op-ed "God, Gays, and the Atlanta Fire Department."

But the biggest and most dangerous lie the New York Times put forward is that Christians (and those of other faiths) who actually have the temerity to speak up on their beliefs (you know, don’t hide their light under a bushel) on marriage and sexuality, should be fired.

Yes, the New York Times actually states that employees "have the right to a boss who does not speak of them as second class citizens." When the Times says that we are speaking of employees as second class citizens, it lies again—of course we don't believe that—we just know that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. And even though the Times acknowledged that there is absolutely no evidence that Mr. Cochran discriminated against gays or lesbians, it still argues that he should be fired because he had the temerity to publicly acknowledge his beliefs in this book.

The Times has just declared war on Christians and members of other faith communities that serve in government position. It is open season, according to the New York Times, to make sure that we lose our jobs. The new authoritarians now state openly that we can have our beliefs—we simply can’t talk about them. And then they are going to actually have the gall to say that "this is not about free speech or religious freedom."

Bill of Rights

Memo to the New York Times: This is precisely what free speech and religious freedom entail. Our founders prohibited "religious tests" within the constitution for government service so that governments could not punish, fire or refuse to hire those that did not hide their denomination and faith. It is not religious freedom to say that Kelvin Cochran or anyone else has the right to believe what he wants—he just can't talk about it.

This is OUTRAGEOUS. And I know you are as concerned as I am about this, because of the many emails and phone calls we've received. Now it’s time to turn outrage to action to stop the New Authoritarians.

NOM is supporting legislation at the state and federal level to stop the attack on marriage and religious liberty.

I urge you immediately to contact your Congressman and urge him or her to pass the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act which will help protect religious liberty at the federal level. You can click here to do so.

I also ask that if you are a resident of Georgia (forward to friends in Georgia) that you immediately contact your state legislator to voice support for HB 29 to protect religious liberty.

Finally, we are counting on your continued support so that we can be your voice in the fight to protect marriage and religious liberty. And any donations we receive in response to this email will receive a free copy of Fire Chief Cochran’s book. This is a concrete way to help a hero for the faith because we’ll keep buying copies of the book to distribute as we run low.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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