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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Yesterday, across the country—in red states and blue—America stood up and voted for marriage champions! The pundits in the media and the political insiders in Washington will call this a wave election, citing the unpopularity of the President and his administration as the main reasons for the victories Republicans gained in all kinds of races yesterday.

But make no mistake—marriage was a significant issue in this election... AND MARRIAGE WON!

One race worth mentioning in particular is the contest for the Senate seat in North Carolina between pro-marriage champion Thom Tillis and the incumbent progressive Senator Kay Hagan. Weeks ago, the polls in this race showed Tillis an underdog by a significant margin.

Then, along with North Carolina Values Coalition, we began running television ads and sending out mailings highlighting Tillis's great leadership on marriage... and the race began to tighten. And yesterday, Tillis gained the seat!

The same was true in the case of Tom Cotton of Arkansas. Our advertisements in that state helped tighten the race and gain him the seat over the Democrat, Mark Pryor.

In recent weeks, NOM also mounted extensive grassroots efforts including a bus tour in the plains states... and the candidates we came out in favor of—like Joni Ernst in Iowa, Ben Sasse in Nebraska and Governor Sam Brownback in Kansas—each won their elections handily! (It's also worth noting that Joni Ernst's support for marriage helped her emerge from a crowded primary field to become the GOP nominee, and now she is Senator-elect!)

Here's the point: despite all we heard about candidates needing to be quieter on the social issues, like family and life, the results of yesterday's election prove this political ‘wisdom' to be misguided: the most outspoken candidates in favor of marriage won tightly contested races, and you can bet that their advocacy for marriage helped make the difference!

But there is more from yesterday to indicate marriage's influence as an election issue at the ballot box yesterday!

We also witnessed yesterday the rejection of Republican candidates who abandoned marriage and sold out to the radical marriage redefinition agenda. You'll remember that NOM actively opposed Richard Tisei (MA-6), Carl DeMaio (CA-52) and Monica Wehby, the GOP candidate for US Senate in Oregon. Both Tisei and Wehby were defeated, and the outcome of the CA-52 contest is too close to call as I write—much closer than it was expected to be.

If this was a "wave election," at least these Republicans didn't seem to benefit from that wave—and the reason for that seems clearly to be their refusal to stand up for the Republican platform principle of defending marriage as the union of one man and one woman!

In State races, too, we saw marriage come out as a winning issue. You'll recall that when the New York legislature voted to redefine marriage in 2011, NOM pledged to oust the four Republican turncoats that betrayed their party and their constituents by voting against true marriage.

We were able to unseat three of the four, but State Senator Mark Grisanti managed to maintain his seat—until yesterday! Yesterday, with the help of Kevin Stocker, the candidate NOM endorsed and who beat Grisanti in the primary, we kept our promise and sent Grisanti packing from Albany!

In Minnesota yesterday, the Minnesota Family Council targeted six key house districts where incumbents had voted to redefine marriage—and all six were defeated! In a seventh district, Minnesota Family Council went to bat to defend an incumbent legislator who had defended marriage and voted against redefining it, but who was facing a challenger hostile to the values of Minnesotans. She won her reelection as well!

With your help we made history last night. Now, we look forward to working with the new Congress to promote pro-marriage policies and roll back the relentless assault on marriage and religious liberty that has been the Obama Administration's standard operating policy from day one. Be sure of one thing—we will also be holding these newly-elected officials accountable to you, the voters, so that they actively work to promote the positions they campaigned on.

In other words, we still have a lot of work to do. So, I'm asking you today to make your pledge of support for NOM by renewing your membership this year. Please take a moment to do so right now by clicking here to make a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $500 or more. If you can, sign up to make a recurring gift to NOM so we can continue working with you to make marriage an issue in national politics, and to make a difference for the better!

I am honored to be standing in this fight for the truth about marriage with champions like the newly elected candidates from yesterday, but even more so with wonderful grassroots supporters like you! Please continue to stand with NOM and the millions of Americans who voted to defend marriage yesterday, and let's continue to make history!


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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