Reject Monica Wehby's Campaign For Gay 'Marriage' and Abortion...And for the US Senate

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

It wasn't long ago that Monica Wehby was riding high, having captured the Republican nomination for US Senate and being looked at by leaders in Washington as a new face for the Republican Party. A highly educated physician, considered a moderate, she was just the type of candidate many in the GOP Washington elite like to support.

Consistent with her own views, she then made a move that some of these Republican leaders in Washington praised, but countless others, especially those of us in the grassroots, rejected:

She embraced same-sex 'marriage' with a vengeance, even paying for a statewide television commercial featuring two gay men who had sued to overturn the votes of Oregonians in favor of the state marriage amendment.

That was the beginning of the end of Monica Wehby's chances of winning election to the US Senate.

Now her campaign is in tatters. If you have not already sent in your ballot, I urge you refuse to vote for Monica Wehby. Just skip the race entirely and refuse to let someone who abandons principle get your support.

Wehby's defeat will also send a powerful message to Republican leaders and the elite who wish to abandon principle and back candidates like Wehby. Not only has she abandoned the truth of marriage, she also has embraced abortion.

As you well know, in endorsing same-sex 'marriage' Wehby threw a sop to the left, hoping to attract support from Democrats and Independents who, she calculated, would favor this move. And she figured that Republicans would have no choice but to stay with her.

The calculation was fatal to her campaign, for two reasons.

First, she apparently forgot that Oregon's marriage amendment was passed with strong support among Democrats and Independents. She also failed to appreciate that all citizens regardless of party affiliation rightly resent the state of Oregon refusing to defend their vote for marriage and allowing gay activists to redefine marriage by default. This behavior by people like state Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum was totally disrespectful of voters and an affront to democracy itself. Yet Wehby embraced this duplicity.

Second, Wehby miscalculated in believing Republicans and conservatives had no choice but to support her. Actually we have the choice of refusing to support her.

And that is exactly the choice we are asking you to make. Skip the race. Send a Message. And then let's look for a real Republican, someone who represents all our values of liberty, economic prosperity, national security and support for the family to support in the future.

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to the rejection of Monica Wehby's policies, and candidacy, on Tuesday.


Brian S Brown

Brian S. Brown
National Organization for Marriage

Brian Brown

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