Marriage is an election issue: North Carolina edition


NOM has consistently maintained that marriage is an election issue that motivates voters, despite pundits and political elites trying increasingly to steer conservative candidates away from the social issues.

181992631The elections this week will only demonstrate further how right NOM has been and how misguided the cronies that continue to gain a hearing by the Republican establishment despite their failure to demonstrate a winning strategy.

For a case in point, consider an Associated Press piece published yesterday on the Senate race in North Carolina, bearing the headline, "Canceled NC marriage ban could alter Senate result." The article notes:

At the very least, some Republicans angry with the rulings say they're more energized to get others to the polls. They acknowledge that they can't get rid of lifetime federal judges but can send a message to prevent likeminded ones from reaching the bench.

"We want to get these judges out and want to get these senators out," Donna Annis, 60, of Clayton said after the rally. "We very obviously voted that we did not want gay marriage, and so (when) one judge says, 'well, too bad'... we don't want those people anymore."

The article highlights Senate candidate Thom Tillis's defense in court of North Carolina's marriage amendment, which was passed by an overwhelming majority of voters in just 2012:

Tillis' actions... could play well with people unhappy with courts canceling the decisions of voters.

The latest Associated Press-GfK national poll has 56 percent of likely voters saying it was inappropriate for the federal courts to issue rulings that overturn state same-sex marriage laws. And while the Elon University Poll in September found more likely voters supporting gay marriage than opposing it, a new Elon poll performed after the North Carolina amendment was struck down found 50 percent opposing gay marriage and 38 percent supporting it.

While Equality NC's political arm has distributed 15,000 voter guides that highlight its strong Hagan support and operating a nightly phone bank, social conservatives are marshalling larger ground forces.
Those larger ground forces will come out in force in tomorrow's election, and will send Thom Tillis to Washington. Let it be a lesson to the political establishment that marriageĀ isĀ an election issue - and that a stance for marriage is a stance that wins.

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